Vocaloid3 version of Lily will be released in mid April

  March 28, 2012

After the world wide sensation of Miku, many DTM companies joined the Vocaloid edvelopment. One of those companies, Internet.co has just dropped the new release of their Vocaloid Lily adapting vocaloid3 technology, which has been available since last October.
Lily’s voice is based on ‘Yuri’, who is a main vocal of the band called ‘M.O.V.E’, and Vocaloid2 Lily was released 1 nad half years ago. Along with the annoucement of the update, demo video is uploaded on youtube.

For those who only know Miku, Lin, Ren, and Luka, Lily is enourmously popular for her cute looking, and her figure doll was sold more than 8,000 even when she hadn’t been famous as vocaloid. Of course she has attracted so many attention from anime illustration lovers.

Anyway, keep watching how such popular vocaloid will expand it’s popularity with this new release of vocaloid3 version.

Vocaloid3 Lily will go on sale 19th April.

Photo copyrights: Internet.Co (*you are not allowed using these image in an inappropriate way.)
Link: Internet.Co