Anime “AKB0048” Teaser Dropped!!

  April 8, 2012
The teaser of Anime “AKB0048”, which will start airing the end of this month, has uploaded on AKB48 official Youtube channel. This anime is directed by Shoji Kawamori (Director of Macross).
Story: Set in the future Akihabara, when “idol” has banned, AKB0048 is doing guerrilla performance as “idols who come to meet you”. Labeled as a terrorist by authorities, AKB0048 stood up to fight against them, to protect fans, citizens and their stage…

Official Website

First video is a teaser and the second on is an audition to select voice actresses. Of course Mayuyu, who has a super sweet Anime voice, has been selected as a main cast!!

Vol.100 issue of Quick Japan Magazine featured the making process of this Anime, which dubs it “battle field of 2.5 dimension”. They presented a really good article based on firm understanding about the group as an underground idols, which in their words is in polar opposite to conventional mainstream idols.