Cupnoodle x AKB48 vol.5 Takamina

  April 13, 2012

With the pre-release of this Takamina version, the 5th of it’s 5 commercials, Nisshin revealed all of it’s first launch of commercial for cup-noodle!!! I didn’t expect that they pre-release thoese video in the exactly opposite order of the release of making photos!!

9th Atsuko Maeda “Graduation”
10th Rino Sashihara “19th y/o’s real”
11th Haruka Shimazaki “18 y/o’s real”
12th Karen Iwata “13th y/o’s real”
13th Takamina “21th y/o’s real”
Funny (or cutest) thing is Takamina picked Giant-size Curry Noodle for the commercial!! You know, she is soooo passionate girl, and has inborn leadership, so I think it’s a perfect match for her!! Love it~~~!

Mr.Cupnoodle gives us a description of the commercial 😀
カップヌードル 2012/4/13 – 18:03
Backstory of Cupnoodle commercial series “Real”
~Takamina version~


Filming was taken place at the recording studio in Tokyo. The place was of course exclusive and we could take a rare glimpse of her concentrating on her singing and in relaxing mood for the break.
In the interview after the filming, she confessed “Actually I easily get nervous. People think I’m sociable person but… honestly I’m really really shy.”
She is a leader of team A of AKB48, and known for her inborn charisma as a leader. We could take a precious glimpse of her undressed real face behind her usual face as a leader.
Such a lovely Takamina told us that she like Cupnodle Curry-Big since she gets hungry soon <3

Takamina sounds very aggressive, emphasizing the importance of piling up efforts  🙂

I noted this for several times already but that’s not enough! The song used for the commercial is a solo piano music played by Sakiko Matsui of AKB48, as we previously reported. Don’t u think it’s a beautiful, beautiful song??

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