Detail of CLUV Tomo – Tomomi Itano’s 3rd Single Release Memorial Event

  April 14, 2012
Further information of  CLUV Tomo, release event for her 3rd solo single “Zyuunengo no Kimihe“, is revealed.

Follow the instruction written on ticket packed in the type-A(KIZM-147/148) and type-B(KIZM-149/150)  of  Single, and access special application website. If there are too many applications, we will pick by lottery.
*Normal version and Theater version don’t come with ticket.
■申込受付期間Application period
2012年4月25日 (水) 昼12:00 ~ 2012年5月7日(月) 18:00
■開催日程・場所Date, Place
2012年5月27日(日)Tokyo, Sinkiba STUDIO COAST
SET LIST-1 OPEN 14:00/START 15:00
SET LIST-2 OPEN 17:00/START 18:00
All-Standing (entry can be conducted according to reference number)

The single goes on sale 25th Apr. Currently you can book her new single with 16% discount at Amazon. As usual, Sspecial edition will soon be sold out :P, so go now ASAP!!

Tomomi Itano 10年後の君へ type-A (with DVD)
Tomomi Itano 10年後の君へ type-B (with DVD)
Tomomi Itano 10年後の君へ Normal Edition