Following Jurina’s Medical Leave, Tomochin Fell In Ill Health

  April 6, 2012

Tomomi Itano (板野友美) told fans that she got a fever on her G+ page. This message caused severe anxiety among fans even more because this comes in the middle of huge concern on heath condition of Jurina Matsui (松井珠理奈).

Like Jurina, Tomochin has been going through ridiculously tough schedule. This month she made an appearance at clothing brand Thamantha Tabatha’s start-the-year-party on 1st, and has been busy on promotion and preparation for her 3rd solo single “Zyunengo no kimihe”(10年後の君へ) which goes on sale 25th.

On 5th, with pain on her left shoulder after got a vaccine injection the day befor , she wrote “I feel like having a fever… is this an aftereffect of vaccination?”. But on 6th afternoon, she let fans know that she became actually sick. “I finally got a fever… feel sick… (cry)” she wrote, and 2 hours after this post, “I go hospital, then interview and filming…(cry), but I’m gonna make it…” she updated.

Especially because right now everybody worry about Jurina’s condition, fans reacted with so much kind and sweet comments to her.

Tomochin is to join Shake-Hand event for their last single “Give me five!” on 7th and 8th, but since the event forced her to stand up for long hours, there’re comments like “Tomo… I beg you please don’t push yourself too hard for the shake-hand event.”

source msn news

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