Full Transcript: Atsuko Maeda Not To Participate in Coming 4th General Election on 6th June

  April 4, 2012

Acchan just announced her resignation from next general election on Youtube and Google+.


I’m Atsuko Maeda from Team A of AKB48. I announced my graduation from AKB48 at Saitama on 25th Mar.
I.. just like you know, I’m not a smart person.. I can’t do multiple things at the same time, which sometimes made me frustrated. It also caused a lot of worry among fans, people who work for me, people who are invoved in me in any forms. Everyone is always so kind to me eventhough, but I felt this is not good and thought I’ve been spoiled.

It’s been long since I first started thinking about graduation. I couldn’t consult all members but I told this to some members, including Takamina. I had also consulted Mr.Akimoto a lot of times. But… I hypothetically imagened if I were not AKB48, what would left on me? That thought made me uneasy. We won Record Taisyo Award, and just a little before, it was announced that we will have Tokyo Dome concert in August, we also made appearance in Ko-Haku Utagassen… step by step we… we are realizing our dream. At this point, I… I figured I want to take a next step in my life.

I know it’s not only me but other members are thinking a lot about their future too. In order to make our future dreams true, I… since I had a lot of opportunity in my career in AKB48, I figured that is my duty to take a first step forward.

As I spoke to you at Saitama, I’m very uneasy.

I feel your concern “WIll acchan be ok when she become alone?” Until now, I had teammates and I had a home, AKB48, where I can always return to when I want. But I was determined to take new challenge.

I… I’m s so gratefull if you still support me after I leave AKB48.

At this point, anything hasn’t yet scheduled, so I can’t say exactly when I will graduate. Right now I’m consulting to managers on the timing of my graduation.

But…. as for next AKB general election, I declined to participate.

I’m sorry.

I wanted to tell this through my own mouth, so I asked people to give me chance to make this video…

As a membe of AKB48, I may have a limited time, but…. Yoroshiku Onegaisimasu, if you stil keep supporting me after graduation, I would be so happy (smile).

And…. most importantly, please… please keep supporting AKB48 WITH ME.