Jurina Relieved Fans with Brief Appearance At SKE48 Grand Concert inNagoya Gaishi Hall

  April 14, 2012
The first day concert of SKE48 at Nagoya Gaishi hall was held today, and Jurina made an appearance in public since the shake-hand event 31th Mar.

Gaishi Hall is the largest venue for SKE48’s solo concert so far, and the ideal stage for celebrating the 15 y/o Ace of the group.

When Jurina appeared in front of 8,000 of fans, the hall instantly filled with claps and cheers and heats from fans!! The show started with Jurina sings the solo number of another Ace of the group, Rena Matsui, “枯葉のステーション” (Kareha no station). After the song she greeted fans “It’s been so long. I’m sorry to have worried you so much. I am so grateful that so many people come here for us!!”
“Really, today that I could meet you all, I could be on this stage, I’m really happy. Standing on the stage of Gaishi for the first time as SKB48, I really wished to stand here together with members today…. I want to enjoy the concert and spend a great time with you through the end of the show as always!!” she continued with full of emotions on her face.

Despite performing this big show, she just discharged from the hospital 12th this month and not yet fully recovered. After the first song, she explained to fans with her won words “I’m just discharged from the hospital… so I would like to cheer SKE48 with you from now. I left my emotion here on the stage. So… please. “

She didn’t forget to give her witty banter.  As she was leaving the stage, “Now we go on to next song. Next I request to that member, that song Onegaishimasu”.

Source Yahoo J

Her appearance at Gaishi came without any earlir announcement, since this is not meant to be a come back.
But according to fans who were at the concert, Jurina’s performance was powerful and never showed any sign of her sickness but oppositely she looked like covered with aura!!