Maybe We Can Expect Rise Of Yui Yokoyama In The Next Election

  April 26, 2012

Genius Japanese fans are enjoying fan time with Yui Yokoyama.

From Two Channel “Let’s let Yui Yokoyama creep into photos

“lol You know what? Her result in next election is now all on your shoulder!!”
“I’m lost…. have to admit this thread is nice…”
“I let snivel out as I bursted into laughter”
“Lol Don’t look at me lol”
“lol her body bend at perfect angle”
“I don’t know why, but I set this a wallpaper for my PC…”
“This why Yui Yokoyama was invited in Not Yet?? – Handed lotion and Yatsuhashi to exhausted Takamina, gaining trust from Yuko?????”
“Chaotic art…”
“Lol stop just standing there! Lend them a hand Yui!!”
“Come on why you genius people are wasting your talent!!! lol”
“Lol I only want Yui card.”
“If I find this on streets, I’ll buy this at the speed of light.”
“Why management explicitly push their Oshi-men instead of doing it elegant adn subtle way like this”
“”Tatoo…. lol”
“Are you GENIUS???”
“Are you GOD????”
“She is incorporated into the photo and Obasan perfectly!!! lol”
“I like this peaceful mood…”
“Why she didn’t dressed like this at Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament!?!?!?”
“You saved my life…”
“Is this Okay??? lol I can’t help but thinking of xxxxx” <--terrorist joke is not funny"
“Encounter with the Unknown”
“This piece of art well reflects on the love of the artist toward Yui….”
“Thank you Craftman!!”