Mayuyu and Miichan Transformed Into Matured Beauty With Dior Cosmetics

  April 4, 2012
According to Sanspo,
Mayuyu (Mayu Watanabe 渡辺麻友) and Mi-chan (Minami Minegishi 峯岸みなみ) of AKB48 made appearance at the event held in French brand Dior’s makeup trial space in Omotesando, Tokyo. This limited-period space called “Dior Addict Be Iconic” has opened only until 15th Apr. The two girls appeared in the same one-piece dress in different colors from Dior with make up using Dior products. On her unusual chic look, Mi-chan said “As if I became a different person. I will be 20 y/o this year, which i’ve dreamed about. So I will be able to drink alcohol. I want to visit a chic bar.” Mayuyu, who is now 18 y/o, said “I feel like I went up stairs to a matured woman by one step and discovered a new aspect of myself.”
Minegishi, who is a very first member of AKB48 along with Takamina and Atsuko Maeda, said “I want to make the best of our limited time. I as well as left members should try our best not to lose our momentum we have now.
According to Vogue Japan, which produced this collaboration,
Dressed with new lip from Dior, the two showed us the different faces which we usually see on TV or Stages. We asked them to choose their favorite color from 12 color line-up of the new Dior lip. About Dior’s mode make-up, emphasizing gorgeous lips, two girls pleasantly said “It transformed me into an adult woman” (Mi-chan) “I rather want to leave this make up on during my way to home.” (Mayuyu).