NMB Members In The TV Show ‘Sanma no Manma’, Don’t Miss Their Catch Phrases!!!

  April 29, 2012

NMB48 guested in the TV show hosted by a famous veteran comedian, Sanma!!! This is a rare opportunity for us to see NMB members in nationwide broadcast, and NMB made a really good appearance in it that they bravely displayed full of their usual NMBness.
When asked where they’re from, Milky and Aina said they are from Nara the same prefecture as Sanma, then he asked which city. Aina answered Kashihara-city, but then Milky said “I’m from flower garden~~” LOL
She never stopped her signature milky attack and went on to say “I’m from Nara riding on Deer!!! (Deer is Nara’s symbolic animal)” then Mayu Ogasawara said “I’m from Osaka!! We came here by the train named Ogasawara express departed from Nara!!” Sanma looked a bit overcame by their too nonsensical but cute jokes, said “I don’t know that train lol
Don’ miss the part, 4 members of NMB introduced their catchphrases! (2:15~)
Mayu “Hai! Namba Hatsu, Ogasawara Tokkyu~ Minasan o Yumenosekaihe Otsureshima~chu!!”
(Yay! Ogasawara express from Namba, I’ll take you to the dream world!)
everyone “Josya shima~su!!”
(We are getting on~!!)
Sanma “Gesha shima~su!!”
(I’m getting out~!!)
Everyone stands up and objected his remark!! lol
Then Sanma turned to Milky asked her catch phrase!!
Milky “Hai! Milk to Miyuki wo Mazerudake! Attoiumani,”
(Yay! Just mix milk and Miyuki (Her first name), in a blink of eyes,)
everyone “Milky~~~!”
Sanma was falling down that he couldn’t overcome enormous happiness!
Next catch phrase was presented by Nana Yamada!
Nana “Zikendayo! Nananana nananana Na~na~ Minnano Heart wo Taiho Sichauzo!
(We got a case!! Nananana nananana Na~na~ I’ll arrest your hearts!)
everyone “Hu~HU~~~~”
Then it’s NMB’s captain Sayaka’s turn!
Saya-Nee “Sayaka Sasayaka Sawayaka,”
(Sayaka humble fresh)
everyone “Sayaka~!!”
Saya-Nee “Sasatto Yasasisa Azayaka,”
(Sayaka kind colorful)
everyone “Sayaka~!!”
Then Sanma turned to Ainyan (Aina Fukumoto)
Ainyan “Can I stand up?”
Sanma “Ok Ok anything is Ok!”
Milky “Why don’t you stand up together Sanma-san?”
Ainyan “Hai! Yamato no Kunikara, AitoShiawasewokomete~ Ainyan Hado-hou Hassya~~~~! Zudodododododododdobo~n!!!”
(Yay! From the state of Yamato (old name of Nara), with love and kindness, Ainyan Hado-ho (kinda like Hadoken) shoot~~~~~~Zudododododododooddodododo~n)
everyone “Uwa~~~~”
Ainyan “Thank you so much!”
Sanma pointed out she stole the idea from Dragonball’s Kamehameha!!
But Ainyan explained her hand shape is different from Kamehameha lol
Check out the rest of the video below! They talked about fans come to join shake-hands event all the way from Singapore!!!!
Members who are in this show are Milky, Saya-Nee, Nana Yamada, Aina Fukumoto.

Milky and Mayu Ogasawara (Ogasawara express!)
Milky, Mayu, Nana Yamada, Sayaka, Ainyan (Aina Fukumoto)