NMB48 Celebrate The Grand Opening Of Round One’s New Store

  April 28, 2012

NMB48, Osaka-based idol girls group, made an appearance at the opening ceremony for the indoor amusement park Round One Studium Sennichimae store. NMB48 members are starring Round One’s TV commercial and famous faces of the group, including Milky (  渡辺美優紀 : Miuyuki Watanabe), Saya-Nee ( 山本彩 : Sayaka Yamamoto), Riichan (Rina Kondoh) and Nana (Nana Yamada) for this event.
Round One Commercial
This store comprises of tot of amusement facilities, for instance, bowling lanes, Karaoke rooms, Darts, Ping Pong, Video Gaming machine. This amusement complex is called Spoccha , which is kind of amusement version of all-you-can-eat-buffet.

The ceremony was held in the bowling hall, as the sport is the most popular amusement Round One. Ribbon cutting ceremony was held with Osaka’s symbolic character Kuidaore Taroh in the center, and the ribbon is cut by members of NMB48. Following this, NMB48 presented a first-throw ceremony. Since this is a brand new interior, they surprised gathered fans with coquettish accidents like Sayaka Yamamoto, who boasts that she plays bowling at least 10games when she drops at Round One and owns her own bowling shoes, slipped on the floor. Upset Sayaka said “Brand new store has a brand new floor and balls. It’s the first time and fresh experience that floor of bowling lane slip so much.”

After the ceremony, 14 members of NMB were divided into 2 teams, Red lead by Milky and White lead by Saya-Nee, and held a battle in Mini-Electronic-Bike race. While some members looked so excited riding on the bikes, Riho Kotani put on a helmet and carefully checked elbow protector pads and floor condition.
At the moment the race finised, huge cheer of “Yattaーー!” filled the whole space. Powerful Osaka girls were hugging each other to celebrate the win. The winner, Team Red was gifted a free pass for one year, and captain of the team Milky cheerfully commented “I want to come again with everyone!”.

Milky and Saya-Nee hang around with famous comedian Hama-chan, one of the most prominent figure of their agency Yoshimoto

Milky – self-introduction
Fan-Made Video for Milky
Team N members of NMB introduce their catch own phrases respectively.