Rino Sashihara Named Tourism Ambassador For Her Hometown Oita

  April 19, 2012
Rino Sashihara of AKB48 was named for tourism ambassador for her home city Oita, it’s announced. The person in charge for the city office noticed Rino-san has often written about her hometown Oita with expressing her extraordinary affection, and it resulted them to offer her the honorable role. This role is three-year term. It’s not officially announced what the city plan to do with her, but the city official said “We want her to introduce much of our city’s attractiveness, such as our local food or Takasaki-yama natural zoo park

Rino-san has captivated tons of new fans last year and won the No.9 position in the last year’s Sebatsu-election. With this collaboration with the rising star , Oita city is hoping to PR their local specialty food and Takasaki-yama, city’s mountain famous for wild Nihonzaru. Though Rino-san didn’t back her hometown for the press announce, she presented a comment, reads “I do my best to convey to many people the wonder and wonderfulness of Oita, which haven’t yet well known nation-widely.”

She will attend the inauguration ceremony in May. She is also popular among the city office includes the mayor Kugimiya. Mr.Kugimiya, who is looking to forward to meet her in person, said “Of course I’m a huge fan of her. Personally she is No.1 in the election.” with a broad smile. “Together with her, we will make people recognize Oita more. I think she is the best person for the 1st tourism ambassador for our city.” “Her image for me is a deligent person, established her nationwide popularity by keeping steady efforts. I’ve never met her before, and I can’t wait to see her in person in May.” he added.

Source Asahi, Yomiuri

Speaking of Oita, Yahou of SKE48 is also hailing from the prefecture. Becasue Yohou also often makesa remark expressing her love to her hometown, someone made this combination of quotes.

Tomochin “I don’t mean I’m willing to yield our position to younger 

members.”Sashiko “I don’t mean I’m willing to yield a role for the tourism ambassador to Yahou(SKE).”

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