‘Soredemo Sukidayo’ Made A Good Start As Tyaku-Uta version Ranked No.1 In Daily Ranking

  April 27, 2012
Several days away from her highly-anticipated solo debut sinle Soredemo Sukidayo, this song got No.1 position in Tyaku-Uta-ranking(ringtone for mobile phone).
Soredemo Skidayo went on sale from 25th Apr in Tyaku-Uta full format, and won No.1 position in today’s daily ranking of Tyaku-Uta above B’z and Perfume. The song also ranked No.1 in weekly chart of J-POP USEN chart fro the week of 18th to 25th Apr.

On top of that, AKB’s namesake TV show AKBINGO will be dedicated it’s 2th May on-air solely to Sashiko painted the show as “Rino Sashihara Special”, namely “SASHIBINGO!” Since she will be the only person appears in the show, fans are expecting to fully enjoy Sashiko’s personality.

As nation’s attention is all focused on her solo debut, will her single Soredemo Sukidayo get No.1 in Oricon weekly chart? Our eyes must be going to be glued on her for a while.

Source Mumo

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