Takamina Confessed “Atsuko Has Consulted Me For One Year”

  April 4, 2012

On 1st Apr, Takamina from AKB48 attended Talk Show held by French Cosmetic brand Lancom at Ginza Mitsukoshi department, Tokyo. There she confessed what’s behind her and Atsuko Maeda on Atsuko Maeda’s graduation speech.

One week has passed since the announcement at Saitama. Takamina, who is one of the very first members of AKB48 along with Atsuko Maeda, said Maeda has consulted her on her possible graduation for almost one year. On the first day of Saitama concert, she said “Acchan talked to me that she is gonna speak it. When we about to start the last day concert at Saiatam, she talked to me “Thank you”, and shook my hand. I realized she was serious.

Takamina told reporters once again that her decision came after a long thought not a capricious thought of her. We all know your and my feelings are ‘Acchan don’t leave AKB!!’. Even though I can understand all those feelings, I say ‘Please support her and her decision’.”

Takamina was in feminine Pink blouse and wore spring-inspired make up for the show, said “Now, Romance is taboo (since she is in AKB48) but some day when I must fight for my love, I will wear a make up like this.”

Source Sanspo