Tomochin made a Triumph Return To Her Old Home Osaka With Exciting Mini-Live Concert

  April 29, 2012

Tomomi Itano of AKB48 held a free live-concert at Abeno Market Park Q’s Mall in Osaka on 28th Apr to commemorate the release of her 3rd solo single Zyunnego no kimihe.According to the official announce, about 4,000 people gathered at this event.

Now Japanese people are enjoying national holiday season Golden Week started this Saturday, unlike the concert in Tokyo held days before this, this event enjoyed crowds of audience.

This day, the whether was also celebrating her memorial event and temperature went up to nearly 30 Celsius degree, and Tomochin’s live performance added more heat to this early summer day of Osaka. 

Osaka is the place where Tomochin had spent her live until 4th grade, and she made a triumph return to her old home with her signature revealing but stylish fashion.

To enjoy this nice whether in Osaka, Tomochin dressed in pink-color bare-top, and white-color micro miniskirt, and spoke to her dear fans “I heard today’s temperature in Osaka is about 28 degree, but let’s heat up more and make it like a real summer day!!!!”
Osakaninan made huge cheerful chants when she appeared on the stage and Tomochin presented 4 songs to heated audience, Zyuunengo no Kimihe, fuini, Always I need you and lose-lose.
To her call to her dear fans in Osaka “I want to come to Osaka again! Will you come to see me again then?”, excited Osakanian fans responded with warm but loud shouts “Yes!!!!!”

this looks legit!!