Tomomi Itano Made Surprise Appearance At Samantha Tabatha’s Company Initiation Ceremony

  April 2, 2012

2012 Company Initiation ceremony of Samantha Tabatha was held on 2nd Feb, welcoming a surprise celebrity guest, Tomomi Itano.
When Tomochin showed up in blue no-sleeve dress from behind of the hall, total 143 of new employees uttered cheer of joy.
Tomochin handed Red-White Japanese Azuki Cake and employee’s ID cards to the representative of new employees.
“I too just turned 20 y/o. If I were a normal girl, I might be like you at this point.” she told.
“I am shy, so I am a bit nervous in April.” “Enjoying things is important for everything. Please don’t forget it and work hard. I work hard too.” she gave her supportive message to 143 new employees of the company.

Source: Modelpress