Story: While Japanese baseball fans shared joy with Rangers fans as Darvish’s ended Yankee’s winning streak in his last pitch, Japanese AKB48 Ota are making a roster list of AKB48 as a high-school baseball team.

Team A (represents East-Tokyo)

Team Introduction:
With it’s balanced power of batting and pitching, the team is going toward their first championship of Koshien in these 16 years.
Team’s Ace, Maeda, pitches max 151km/h straight ball, and said to be No.1 pitcher in this tournament. She is also known for her tough physical, and good pitching control.
In batting line-up, there’re Kojiharu, who marked over .500 batting average, and Mariko, who has hit 46 home runs so far throughout her high-school years.
We’re also putting our eyes on Sashihara, the second batter, who has a pretty good bat control.
Defense wise, lead by captain Takamina, a steady fielder Kuramochi in short stop, Takajo in center field has a strong throw.

Batting Order/ position/ name/ year
1 3B Takamina 3
2 RF Sashiko 2
3 1B Kojiharu 3
4 C   Mariko 3(4?)
5 P   Acchan 3
6 CF Takajo 3
7 SS Mocchi 3
8 LF Ohya 3
9 2B Haachan 3
Reserve pitcher: Harugon 3, Natsumi 3, Chisato 3
Reserve Catcher: Lovetan 2
Reserve infielder: Iwasa 2, Nakayan 3 
Reserve outfielder: MaeAmi 2

Comments from critics: “The team’s 2nd batter will stop batting stream!” “If it’s allowed to have DH, I will pick Kojiharu for the position lol” “Akicha(Takajo) should be in RF. She can easily put right field grounder out!!!!” “Why don’t you pick Yuko as 1st bat??? First attacker is the best role for her.” “Wait, don’t take our team members!”

Team K (represents Chiba pref)

Team Introduction:
This is their 5 consecutive appearance in Koshien, and 4 consecutive in Summer. This tournament is 5th time Koshien for captain Akimoto and Oshima.
Pitching staffs, survived a grueling prefectural qualification match, include Itano, who has wicked breaking ball, and 2nd year pair, Kikuchi and Nitoh.
The team has 3 members who run 50m in less than 6 seconds. Making the best of it’s fast forces this team’s strength can be seen in it’s small baseball.
It also has super power hitters, Ohima, Akimoto and Miyazawa.
Defense wise, the team has perfect outfielders. Overall this team is the most likely winner of this tournament. 

Batting Order/ position/ name/ year
1 SS Yuko 3
2 2B Miichan 2
3 CF Sae 3
4 C   Sayaka 3
5 3B Yui 2
6 LF Umechan 3
7 P   Tomochin 3
8 1B Sakiko 3
9 RF Ayaka 2
Reserve pitcher: Nifuji 2, Nakatsua 2
Reserve Catcher: Tanabe 2
Reserve infielder: Uchida 2, Nonaka 3 
Reserve outfielder: Reinyan 2

Comments from critics: “I don’t think of anyone who matches the image of ‘2nd bat’ more than Miichan” “I think Yuko, Yui are all-rounders” “I agree with you only for Yuko, but I think SS and 2B are hard forYui.” “Please show me team 4!!!!” “Okay I’m middle in the making line-up for team B, but I do team 4 first.”

Team 4 (represents West Tokyo)

Team Introduction:

Win ticket for Koshien as non-seeded team in it’s 2nd year since the foundation of the team.
The driving force of this miracle is team’s Ace Yamauchi, 2nd year lenf-handed pitcher Kawaei.
The key person both in defense and offence is Shimada, who hit 3 home run in prefectural qualification tournament.
1st and 2nd batter are skillful batters, while in the middle of batting order they have powerful hitter like Oba and Tano.
Because it’s a young team, they make frequent errors but lead by captain Oba, they make up for it by it’s team work.

Batting Order/ position/ name/ year
1 CF Miorin 2
2 LF Paruru 2
3 SS Karen 1(0?)
4 3B Haruu 2
5 3B Minarun 2
6 RF Tanochan 1
7 1B Mariya 2
8 P   Suzuran 2
9 2B Juri 1

Reserve pitcher: KoMariko 2, Ricchan 2, AbeMari 2
Reserve Catcher: Shiorin 2
Reserve infielder: MiyuMiyu 2, Renacchi 1
Reserve outfielder: Annin 2

Comments from critics: “LOL Is it default setting that 4th bat is a Catcher??” “As for team A, Kojiharu for 4th and Mariko for 5th can be Ok, but team 4 and K don’t have any other powerful batters (<- means Kojiharu also can be a Catcher)" "I bet team B will be super heavy hitting line-up!!!"

Team B (represents West Tokyo)

Team Introduction:
Heading for the championship in this their first Koshien appearance since 5 years ago, when they won the championship.
Lead by powerful hitters like Miyazaki, Masuda and Satoh(Amina), the team has have no hole in it’s batting line-up.

Especially total 52 homer 5th bat Amina Satoh, and total 48 homer 4th bat Miyazaki, who is still 2nd year are already at professional players’ level.
The key for the team is how to get runners in scoring position before these 2 rocket hitters.
Ace pitcher Watanabe threw 6 complete games, giving only 1.7 BB and HB per games.
Defense wise the team scored 10 errors in qualification tournament, but 2B-SS pair of Kitahara and Kashiwagi is the most reliable in this Koshien tournament.

Batting Order/ position/ name/ year
1 CF Yuka 3
2 2B KitaRie 3
3 SS Yukirin 3
4 3B Myao 2
5 1B Amina 5
6 LF Chuu 3
7 RF Suuchan 2
8 P    Mayuyu 2
9 C   Natsuki 3

Reserve pitcher: Harukyan 2, Shihori 2, Chikari~na 2
Reserve infielder: Kana 3
Reserve outfielder: Komorin 2

Comments from critics: “Dude you chose Myao for 4th bat (usually hit by most powerful batter) by her body shape!!!”

Team N (represents Osaka)

Team Introduction:
Won the most grueling prefecture Osaka’s qualification match, this team is to make their 2nd appearance this year following Spring.
The core of this team is Yamamoto, who pitched for all 7 games and has max 140km/h straight ball.
She is also a good hitter especially when it’s a big chance, and hit total 12 homers throughout the qualification tournament.
1st bat Yamada has a momentum these days, and 3rd bat Watanabe has the highest Batting average in the team. In the middle of line-up, Fukumoto and Kinoshita are also threatening powerful batters.
Fortunately Yoshida, who weren’t in Spring Koshien due to injury made a come-back, and Matsuda, who were undergoing left shoulder’s operation is now also at bench.
Fukumoto who make up a battery with Ace Sayaka is the keystone of team’s defence.

Batting Order/ position/ name/ year
1 SS Nana 2
2 LF Kei 2
3 CF Milky 2
4 P   Sayaka 2
5 C   Ainyan 2
6 1B Haru 1
7 1B Maachun 2
8 RF Mirurun 1 
9 2B Akarin 2

Reserve pitcher: Shiokichi 2, Riichan 2, Rikanyan 2
Reserve catcher: Yuppi 2
Reserve infielder: Kanchiru 1, Kanakichi 2
Reserve outfielder: Ripopo 2

Team Graduation (represents Kanagawa)

Team Introduction:
The largest team in this Koshien tournament. They won all the matches in qualification with less than 3 scores lead.
They are known for their clever way to carry the game which always make full advantage of momentum. We are expecting they will revive these old names.
Initially anxiety that their main pitching force Nakanishi is in bad shape loomed in the team, Saeki who made a comeback from leg injury filled the hole of Nakanishi.
Oohori as a reserve pitcher is known for her breaking ball skill.
Batting wise, all rounder Oshima(Mai), and power batter Noro hit the cleanup(4th bat).
Orii and Hoshino, who have high batting average want to get on base before these power hitters.

1 3B Ayumi Orii
2 SS Michiru Hoshino
3 CF Mai Oshima
4 1B Kayo Noro
5 LF Erena Ono
6 RF Yukari Satoh
7 2B Nozomi Kawasaki
8 C   Hana Tojima
9 P   Mika Saeki
Reserve pitcher: Megumi Oohori, 
Reserve catcher: Kazumi Urano
Reserve infielder: Risa Naruse, 

“How about making ALL-Japan team???”
“I’m on it!!”

team AKB Senbatsu (Kantoh region)

1 SS Yuko
2 2B Mayuyu
3 3B Takamina
4 C   Mariko
5 CF Sae
6 RF Yukirin
7 1B Kojiharu
8 LF Tomochin
9 P   Acchan
1st base coach Miichan
3rd base coach Sayaka
Reserve pitcher: Mocchii, Yuka
Reserve catcher: Yui
Reserve infielder: Sashiko, KitaRie, Akicha
Reserve outfielder: Amina, Chuu

Comments from critics: “There are so many super seniors lol Personally I think Mayuyu for 2B only makes me worrying… Yukirn for me is also kind of a infielder who just does stable job rather than an outfielder. I may exchange their positions. Sayaka as 3rd base coach make me picture a scene she gets so excited that makes a mistake!! lol” “I just chose Mayuyu for 2B because of her small body. I can’t picture Yukirin in 2B due to her height…. How about Takamina for 2B, Yukirin for 3B and Mayuyu for RF??”
“How about this?
1 CF Yuko
2 2B Tomochin
3 SS Mariko
4 C   Takamina
5 3B Kojiharu
6 1B Yukirin
7 LF Sae
8 RF Sashiko
9 P   Acchan”
“I completely understand you don’t know nothing about baseball….”
“Final version!!
1 3B Takamina
Stable defense skill and bold batting, she is always in the forefront of the team.
2 2B KitaRie
With enormously less error rate, you can’t dismiss her if you want solid baseball.
3 SS Yuko
For all-Japan team, we want this all-rounder to hit 3rd bat. She is like Ichiro for team AKB

4 C   Mariko
The bigger the chance, the more she hits. She is also a good catcher who are good at tricking batters.

5 1B Kojiahru
With high batting average and powerful batting, she is the center of AKB’s batting line-up, while she sometimes makes a easy mistakes in defense.
6 CF Sae

With her skillful bat control, she produces tons of hits. She always answers our expectations.

7 RF Sayaka
The most powerful batter in the team, also a fast runner, but sometimes be seen rough plays. She is not shaped for short period match.
8 P   Acchan
The ultimate Ace of the team, who possesses powerful straight ball and unbeatable mentality.
9 RF Sashiko
Clever at understanding the role assigned to her, and super flexible to fit any situations.
“I don’t expect nothing from 9th bat Sashiko, but I can’t help but think she makes something miracle. Like Parupunte (Magic in Dragon Quest series)”
“It’s gonna be awesome if they make Drama based on this setting!!!
I hope Majisuka Gakuen 3 will be Baseball Drama!!
Takamina, leading whole team by her guts, while Yuko gains trust from team mates for her clever play..
Mariko is talking to batters on the home base to confuse them, Sayaka who try to cheer up the team but sometimes ends up making everyone embarrassed lol