Yuko Bravely Bet All Her 1 Thousand Points On One Trifecta – AKB Gachi-Uma!

  April 29, 2012

JRA collaborated campaign, AKB’s Gachi-Uma, has started and AKB members are making their betting for coming G1 horse race Tennoh-sho (Spring). A member who made most bold betting is none other than Yuko Oshima, who in the last year’s Arima Kinen bet on the most unpopular horse to believe the miracle happens but the horse ended at the tail end. But Yuko never give up her bold way and she bet all her 1,000 points on  Trifecta of 18Olfe – 16TosenJordan – 5JaguarMail!! What a gambler!!

Yuko was born in the family of horse racing fans, and one her relative displayed a photo of the legendary horse DeepImpact in their room. She said she has horse-doll with white coat named Yuki-chan.
“I usually bet on horses depending on their names” she told. But this time she couldn’t help but admit the strength of 18 Olfe, the most likely winner of the race. Actually last year when she visited Tokyo Horse Racing Stadium to watch Tennoh-sho (Fall), she won the betting of Trifecta! It’s not unlikely that she will win this fateful race and jump to the top position by absolute lead!!

Source: Nikkan Paper Issue

Rules of AKB Gachi-Uma:
28 members of AKB will guess results of 5 G1 horse races in this Spring and bet their points on horses of their choice.
For each race, each member has 1000 points to bet on.
On 27th May, when all 5 race will have finished, a member who has the highest point at the point will be a winner and get the only one starring role for JRA’s commercial in this fall.


Results of Tennoh-Sho Spring
The result of this race ended up totally unexpected way….!
Winning horse is No.1 BeatBlack (x159.6 – the 14th lowest odds), the runner-up was No.16 TosenJordan (x10.2 – the 3rd lowest odds) and 3rd place was No.11 WinBariciaon (x9.8 – 2nd Lowest odds)

┃AKBのガチ予想!...     ┃①┃②┃③┃④┃⑤┃
┃ **700Pt.┃増田有華    ┃○┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Yuka Masuda
┃ **400Pt.┃秋元才加    ┃○┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Sayaka Akimoto
┃ **400Pt.┃梅田彩佳    ┃○┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Ayaka Umeda
┃ ****0Pt.┃板野友美    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Tomomi Itano
┃ ****0Pt.┃大島優子    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Yuko Oshima
┃ ****0Pt.┃大場美奈    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Mina Ohba
┃ ****0Pt.┃大家志津香  ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Shizuka Ohya
┃ ****0Pt.┃河西智美    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Tomomi Kasai
┃ ****0Pt.┃柏木由紀    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Yuki Kashiwagi
┃ ****0Pt.┃片山陽加    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Haruka Katayama
┃ ****0Pt.┃北原里英    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Rie Kitahrara
┃ ****0Pt.┃倉持明日香  ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Asuka Kuramochi
┃ ****0Pt.┃小嶋陽菜    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Haruna
┃ ****0Pt.┃小林香菜    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Kana Kobayashi
┃ ****0Pt.┃佐藤亜美菜  ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Amina Satoh
┃ ****0Pt.┃佐藤夏希    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Natuki Satoh
┃ ****0Pt.┃篠田麻里子  ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Mariko
┃ ****0Pt.┃鈴木まりや  ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Mariya Suziki
┃ ****0Pt.┃高城亜樹    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Aki Takajo
┃ ****0Pt.┃高橋みなみ  ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Minami
┃ ****0Pt.┃仲川遥香    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Haruka Nakagawa
┃ ****0Pt.┃中田ちさと   ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Chisato Nakata
┃ ****0Pt.┃仲谷明香    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Sayaka Nakaya
┃ ****0Pt.┃野中美郷    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Misato Nonaka
┃ ****0Pt.┃松井咲子    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Sakiko Matsui
┃ ****0Pt.┃松原夏海    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Natsumi Hatsubara
┃ ****0Pt.┃宮澤佐江    ┃×┃-┃-┃-┃-┃ Sae Miyazawa

While 3 of 4members of DiVA won this betting, only Sae, who is currently playing MC for horse racing news program lost the game….. /(>ω<)\

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