After The Early Result Of 4th Election: Never Give Up Your Hope Girls!!!

  May 24, 2012

While some girls made a dramatic rise in the early result of AKB 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo, some girls had to face the cruel number as this year see the great leap of AKB48‘s sister groups, SKE48 and NMB48.

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Kojiharu on twitter

“Early result was announced!! A staff of Ariyoshi Kyowakoku told me (бвб) ….. how I should I say about the result….? I’m so sorry for causing worry every time!!”

Actually in all previous elections, she gave sweet-bitter comments to her fans as her result in interim or early results are always relatively low compared to her final result. Here are her comments at the announcement of the early result in the previous elections.

in 2010
“I saw the early result, and I was 10th!! Thank you for voting for me(・v・).
The result convinced me that I have to improve myself(´・ω・`)”

in 2011
Sousenkyo! Thank you for voting!! It really cheered m up seeing your replies!
Everyone says that they believe in me…
I’m crying for your kindness…. Of course, I believe in myself since long time before(бвб)!!
But still… until the vote counting day, I will be uneasy…”

Kojiharu is always relatively low in the ranking for her popularity in the early result, so probably she will have decent result in the end…. and…. actually fans are expecting her comments directly toward fans after saw the somewhat disappointing results….

Sorry to sound rude, but Lovetan was so lovely after she heard the completely disappointing result.

Lovetan on G+

“Good evening★
So the early result was announced!
I’m 52th!
Thank you~~~!
But still we have a long way to go!!
I never give up my hope to be in Senbatsu★★★
Yeah Yeah I won’t!!

“Thank you!! I’m not disappointed!!”

“Positive thinking!! Yahooooooo!!!”

“Show me your true potential!!! I will show my true potential if I’m selected (for Senbatsu)!!” <-lol “What I want to say is….. I love you sooooo much!!!! lol”

Sakiko Matsui also got a disappointing early result as her name wasn’t in top-64.

Sakiko Matsui on G+

“Deep breath….”

“No…. I should stop sigh…..”

“So let’s switch…. Let’s go to Akasaka for playing…. no…. for apologize…
Please listen to my radio on TBS.”

 “Thank you all so much for listening to the somewhat meaningless discussion…
Yama-chan, staffs… everyone is so kind…
I realized how happy I am that we can smile (even in a tough time like this)… thank you….”

Karen Iwata, who are expected to be the next Ace of AKB from management and some members, also had to face the grueling reality the election revealed.

Karen Iwata on G+

“Uhmmmm my study doesn’t  go smoothly…lol
I’ve long been a kind of person who study in the night.
After my mom went to bed, my room becomes literally silent.
Since I don’t have a good will of concentration, many things occur in my mind.
And now….. I came (on G+) here as I got a little uneasy.
Are still awake?(^^)
Today…. I’m a little disappointed in myself, but the number lat me face who I am right now.
But…. can you allow me not to give up yet??
Okay <3 I will go the extra mile!!"

As election has just started and only 2 days have passed, most of people who bought the single Manatsu no SG! hasn’t voted yet! Girls! Believe in your fans and yourself and never give up your hope!!