At A Fan Meeting Recording Of ANN, Yuihan ‘Election Is A Cue To Start A Next Year’

  May 1, 2012
Shihori Suzuki, Haruka Ishida, Sakiko Matsui, Yui Yokoyama and Rie Kitahara
5 of Gugutasu Senbatsu members (Google+ Senbatsu) attended first time recording session of AKB’s ANN open to public at Small Open Air Theatre at Higiya park, Tokyo.
This event on 30th APr is held as a prat of Nippon radio broadcast’s annual fan appreciation event held on 29th and 30th Apr, which gathered total of 98,000 attendants. Lucky 777 listeners who won a lottery could attend this AKB’s recording, and had a chance to watch live interview of members.
When asked about her mind on the upcoming election, Yui Yokoyama (Yuihan) said “I’ve done all my efforts throughout past 12 months not just for this election, but it’s more like remembering me the fact that I’ve kept working for one year. I’m going to accept a result, and take it as a cue to start a next year.” with her usual unassuming tone. While Rie Kitahara looked a little tense and said “Because this is the First time (for Recording in front of audience is)”, I am now really tense, but I really like the atmosphere of this event and I am fully enjoying it.”
Yuihan answers to questions
Responded to an unexpected request, Pianist Sakiko played a keyboard 

Source Mynavi, Sanspo, Oricon