Fanmade Election Campaign Posters for Kitarie, Umechan, Takamina, Yukirin and Yuko

  May 30, 2012
Fans of AKB48 never stop their hands moving in this election period!! Some of them have taken idea from famous episodes while some are professionally made with amazing catch copy!!
“Give her Onigiri? Give her your vote?”

6th June is the day Japan will enter the rainy season?
It’s the day Ume-chan will enter Senbatsu!!
Cast your precious ballot to Ayaka Umeda!!
Black Yukirin
“Guys, you know what you gotta do….!”

Once upon a time, there’s a girl named Yuko Oshima, who was always cheeful and smiling.
One day, the village hold the festival to select the most popular girl.

Many village residents said,
“Yuko-chan is No.1.”
“It’s no brainer.”
“She even doesn’t need to join the festival.”

Yuko-chan ended up 2nd place.
But, Yuko-chan bowed to villagers, saying “Thank you.”
She was smiling as she expressed gratitude to the villagers.

People cried.
People determined that they will tell “their” gratitude to Yuko-chan.

Fans “Damn…. We are so annoyed that Takamina in this Askii Art is too cute….”
Takamina “Hi guys~~~~”

Fans “Duck is too big!!! lol”


Gif image from SKE no Magical Radio 2
 Akane-tan’s Kotsu Pero (derivative word from Tehe Pro of Acchan)
Kotsu: sound made when you hit something

From 北原里英応援スレ541, 柏木由紀応援スレ, 高橋みなみ応援スレ, 大島優子応援スレ, 梅田彩佳応援スレ, SKE483494