Fuji TV Will Live-Broadcast The Upcoming AKB’s 4th Senbatsu General Election

  May 16, 2012
AKB48 2011 Election Atsuko Maeda
AKB’s upcoming election, which will be held on 6th June, will be live-broadcast on Fuji tv net, announced today. Fuji will live on-air from 7PM on the day, which will mark the first live broadcasting of AKB’s election through ground wave.
Titled “AKB48’s 4th Senbatsu general election live-broadcasting SP”, Fuji will invite AKB fans in Show-Biz world to their main studio set in Fuji’s HQ as they will send several reporters to Budo-Kan, the election’s venue, to live-report the progress of this event. The concept of the show is ‘To live-deliver the moment of the announcement of the ranking and vivid facial expression of members‘. The show will introduce the history of AKB and the interview with the general producer of AKB, Yasushi Akimoto, as well as Atsuko Maeda, who has announced to leave the group and this election as well, with ‘Look-Back’ of the last year’s election result and introduction of the prospect of this year’s around 8 o’clock.
Yuko Oshima at 2011 Election
Around from 7 o’clock the show will almost exclusively focus on the live-report from Budo-Kan as the announcement will start.
“Our aim is to make this show that viewers can’t miss any single moment.” the producer at Fuji talked. “Girls will step in this venue, the place for ‘Judgement’ as an individual idol. Their tenseness, pray, joy and tears… We will show the real, naked expressions of the girls, national idols, who now have become a social phenomenon.” 
Fuji TV presents “AKB48’s 4th Senbatsu general election live-broadcasting SP” will be aired on 6th June from 7PM on 8 channel all over Japan, and will cover the announcement of all top-64 rankings. Just like real elections, vote counts will be reported live. (Ballot counting event itself will start from 17:30 at Budo-Kan)