Kaleidoscopic Sashiko, Yuihan and Yuko (and 3 more stories about Acchan, Chuu and Juri Takahashi)

  May 14, 2012
Sashiko has been making regular appearance in afternoon TV show Waratte Iimoto every Monday. As this program is aired throughout the nation, her face has been rapidly recognized by general public over these months.
But things never end at this point. Being aired throughout the nation means Sashiko fans all over the nation can hold Sashiko-only election with this captured image of Sashiko from every week’s episode.
 Let’s observe how Sashiko is getting cuter, and choose your best favorite Sashiko!!


Several voices I saw online include “Can I buy the exclusive right of Sashiko No.21?” “I personally love No.30!” “Please!!! Spare me No.33~~~!!” 
Meanwhile Picasa automatically detected Yuihan’s faces!!!
Yuiha~~~~n!!! I think I can have a sweet dream tonight!
But when it comes to facial expression, no one can beat Yuko!! Look how she has unlimited variety of facial expressions!!! These faces are captured only from one episode of one-hour-long TV show, where probably Yuko appears for less than 10 minutes!
Listen to fans reports of Shake-Hands event, it seems Acchan wants to quit AKB as soon as possible or she may be fed up with Shake-Hands event.
As she and AkiP openly stated, she is a kind of person who can’t hide her true feeling and can’t change her attitude conveniently according to situations, which described as being clumsy, stubborn or emotionally unstable, I kind of feel it’s a really good for her to graduate AKB48 and concentrate on her own career path. Especially after I saw her cute smile she showed during the filming of TV Ads for DVD & Blue Lay release of Studio Ghibli movies Kokurikosaka kara.
She is a huge fan of Ghibli movies, which of course the reason why she smiles like an angel!!!
There also was Toshio Suzuki, the producer of Studio Ghibli!!
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Meanwhile a fan of Mayuyu and MikuMikuDance creator(?) uploaded this great animation version of Syncro Tokimeki performed by MMD Mayuyu!
It’s great to know that there’re AKB fans who has a skill to incorporate AKB with Vocaloid like animation!
Now Chuu (Tomomi Kasai) has been creating huge buzz among AKB fans as well as horse racing fans as she won huge in these two consective G1 races (Victoria Mile Cup on 13th May and NHK Mile Cup on 6th May). On last Saturday (12th May), she gusted Horse racing news TV Namauma which is starrng Sae as MC, as a current front runner of the horse betting competition AKBのガチ馬 / AKB no Gachi Uma.
I have no idea why they were doing this ultra girly thing, which surely made an announcer and the host of the show embarrassed/envy.
On last Sunday night, team 4 members, Rina Kawaei had been slept over at her teammate Juri Takahashi’s house.
“At Juri’s home now(´ω`)☆

I’m watching Anime Kitarouー( ・`д・´)!!

Dad!! You are possessed by a ghost like aura!!!”
Kitarou is the legendary Youkai Manga and Anime created by Shigeru Mizuki. It seems the Anime has been rerunning currently on TV. Obviously it’s not her hair (grabbed by Kawaei) but her (dead )eyes which shows the ghost aura possessed her… (<- I'm confused as I am writing this.)
“Good Evening(^^)

Kawaei-san is staying at Takahashi family’s home now!♪♪

We took a babble bath togetherー
We did face-pack togetherー
We did a shopping togetherー
We are now watching Kitarou togetherー

It’s fun(・ν・)/

Mother’s day(^3^)/
What you guys did?♪”

Though they look really intimate with each other, Juri is 3 years/grades younger than Kawaei. I think age difference of 3 years is huge especially for teens but they are more like sisters :))
Rina Kawaei G+
“Juri at night。”
Juri Takahashi “Chikuwa!!”


Karen Iwata “I found unidentified object behind us!! I’ll send Flying Get!! <---- Uh.... lol"
Juri Takahashi “Iwata。”
Mariya Nagao “You guys…”
Juri Takahashi “Mariyagi-san~~~~(・ω・)♪ “
Juri Takahashi G+
Mariya Nagao “Go to bed early after you pass out carnations to your mom.”
Juri Takahashi “Nagao-san(・ν)・♪ “

….I found it’s really hard keep up the conversation between young girls…. lol But Karen-chan (she is even younger than Juri!!) left a witty comment, which has left me a little hope…

Impersonation of my favorite conductor!??!