Kojiharu’s Sadistic Remarks To Radio Listeners

  May 7, 2012

Kojiharu, who has been making regular appearances in No Sleeves’s radio show ‘Weekly No Sleeves’ and AKB’s namesake radio show AKB’s ANN (All Night Nippon) (both programs are presented by Nippon Broadcasting Co.), has once again affirmed her reputation as Genius(one of her nicknames).

Japanese fans made a compilation of her remarks during the show when she complains about how fans send nonsensical letters to her radio program (because the fans want to see her reactions…)

“Why there’re only crazy letters like this…”
“This……… what does this person want to do with this letter…”
“Really….. all letters are not funny at all!! All’re rubbish!!”
“From now I don’t allow you to send XX-like of mail”
“Did you write this with sane mind???”

Fans also saved her comments in the show from the counseling section of the programs in which listeners consult members and ask about their troubles or problems:

“I think he is not having trouble at all!”
“Really all letters are weird!!”
“Uhmmm I somehow can’t understand what she want to consult to me… and it’s not funny too….”
So…. everyone… I DON’T READ ANYTHING today!!! Don’t waste your time to wait until I start reading in other sections!! Go To Bed!!!”

Fans reacted to this brief summary of Kojiharu on radio with comments such as:
“Kojima-san is 超Sadist!”
“Yeah she is genius!!”
“LOL It’s funny even only reading those sentences of her remark…”
“NOPE She used to be more sharp… like a razor…. Not she’s become mild…”
“Okay I got it.. she is an angel.”
“I want her to throw words like this to my letter…..!!”
“If it’s possible I want her to throw harsh words to me in person!!!”
“LOL it’s absolutely Kojiharu’s bonus presents for you guys!” “I mean… those listeners sent these nonsensical letters in order to draw Kojiharu’s angry remarks!!”
“Please add another bonus… stomping on me…..”

But it’s not only against listeners that Kojiharu unleashes her sharp tongue… but Takamina also enjoyed/suffered being a victim of Kojiharu.

Words of annoyed Kojiharu to Takamina on radio:

“Sigh…… it’s not funny!  it’s not funny!”
“Please I beg you, don’t say that gag again!!!”
“Why your nose has such a peculiar shape???”
“Huhh boring…”
“Are you seriously saying this?? “
“Yeah yeah Takamina is soooooooooo weird!!”
“What a flat hair!!!”
“Ahhh obviously you don’t have a good taste (of gag)…. though I already knew it..”
“Why you are so boring!?”
“Wait! Takamina wants to graduate No Sleeves (Takamina didn’t say anything at all lol)”
“You are telling a lie~~~~!”
“Please stop lying!!”
“Noooooo I miss you so much after you leave (No Sleeves)!!! (again, Takamina didn’t say anything at all lol)””
“You’re really slow!!”
“I hate the way Takamina touches things!!”
“I hate Takamina!”
“HiwaMina (Hiwai = Erotic in gross way, Hiwai + Takamina = HiwaMina)”
“I think we are not compatible each other…!”

During the section in which No Sleeves members introduce funny blog posts of AKB members,
Kojiharu asks, “So what’s funny about this??”

Conclusion: Both people who send letters to Kojiharu and members who try to amuse Kojiharu with funny jokes are 超Masochist

It’s rumored that letters sent to the show consulting Kojiharu on serious matters will be removed by the staff of the radio programs….

Other genius moments of Kojiharu:

Minegishi Why did you choose this catchphrase??”
Nyan “I don’t know…”
Minegishi talks passionately about how Mariko tries to bond Janken Senbatsu members together–> Kojiharu starts to play with her fingers, ignoring her.
Is that called 目撃者たち / Mokugekisyatachi ? I don’t like it…
*目撃者たち: The title of Team A’s 5th Revue
Minegishi “I think Mari-chan’s blog (Mariko) is amazing!!!”
Kojiharu “Yeah her blog is always a spoiler.”
When asked if she is selected for a center, and what she will do if chosen:
Kojiharu “I want to sing all the lyric alone!!!!”
Mariko “That’s nice!”
Kojiharu “What did you just say? Mari-chan, you shouldn’t sing everything alone!! (For Mariko Center Single Uekara Mariko)”
上からマリコ / Uekara Mariko by Janken Senbatsu!!
If other members do the same thing as Kojiharu, they may face harsh criticism from critics, but since there’s no critics for Kojiharu, she is just being 超Sadist!!!