AkiP’s birthday was fully covered by photographer Mariko, who also called members to join the birthday party for AkiP. Despite everyone is in busy schedule (Mariko had to wake up at 5AM this night), she and other members and AkiP’s stuffs prepared for intimate birthday party at restaurant in Shirogane, Tokyo.

When I was writing the script , I got a call from Ponkotsu Kitagawa . He said “I would like to do a count down for your birthday ” . I refused the offer , saying that “I’m now too busy to do other errands” . But he begged , “Just 10 minutes , please ” . Finally I went to a restaurant in Shirogane .

Inside the private dining room of the restaurant , there were Ponkotsu Kitagawa and other staffs. Just before it turns 2nd May , I was put an eye mask by Kitagawa. At the same time , the song Namida Surprise started. Kitagawa hold my hand and we got out of the room. “This script is too much dramatized! I can easily predict that many other staffs are waiting in another room , right ? I have to go back home and write lyrics for FRENCH KISS … ” While I was expressing my reluctance, I heard noise around me, which was exactly what I predicted. I guess quite many staff were asked to gather here by Kitagawa . Ponkotsu Kitagawa ! ! Why can’t you sense everybody is so busy?? Then , he took off my eye mask .

There were AKB members singing and dancing Namida Surprise. Live-Performance!!! (Not lip syncing! lol)
I was like ‘Oh god, I didn’t think the story I wrote in the lyric of Namida Surprise would happen in the real life but come on, it’s happening right now!!!!’
I heard that Mariko, Takamina and others planned it for me .

Though we had only a little time , it was a touching.
Thank you members, Kitagawa and the other staffs.”

Mariko wrote a long long blogpost after the party!! (From Mariko’s blog.)
“Today we were at filming til midnight.
After the filming, we prepared AkiP’s birthday party together.

 Jurina came here too 🙂

I called all teams. (including SKE, NMB, HKT)

I’m impressed that all members of (our) team A gathered here (笑)
And hand drawn Yasusu!
Yasusu cake.
Stuffs brought Yasusu with a blindfold on his eyes on 0:00AM, and we sang Namida Surprise together for Yasusu!
Yasusu, happy birthday~
Happy birthday from everyone to Yasusu~
(Takamina is Main vocaling and MCing, Mariko is cheering up a song and a party.)  
Yasusu gave us his words for his birthday and for us.
And we took a photo together with everyone! DIMG0021.GIFDIMG0020.GIFDIMG0032.GIF
(Toast with juice)
We had different birthday presents for Yasusu.
Some presented a magic trick, some sang their solo numbers.
We also held 2-shot photoshooting event with Yasusu.
I laughed so much at the line about Hyakumai dashi. (100 tickets at once)

Minami created a tower made out of Yasusu’s favorite sweet. So why tower? lol
Magic trick was presented by Miichan and Yukirn
Yasusu was pleased so much with their show! Congrats Miichan and Yukirin, your efforts were rewarded!
Shinoda presents
I want to see him with this necktie on at award ceremonies!!
Yasusu, thank you so much for all the hard work.
Thank you so much for your love.
BTW deco necktie has 4 variations! Here they are!

That’s it. Wish Yasusu put them on…. good night!!

Please watch PON~~~~”

After only 2 hours of sleep she took after she left Yasusu’s party at around 3AM, she was in TV program PON which is a live-broadcasting variety news TV program.