Milky Shared an Adorable Selca of Her Suppin Face With Fans

  May 25, 2012

Yesterday, when Milky was at NMB48 theater after the lunch, waiting for the lesson to start, she uploaded her Suppin face, which may be considered as cheating as now the election is being held (^∇^) But it looks like almost everybody wants her to cheat more in this way, since this is the cutest cheating we’ve ever seen.

Miyuki Watanabe aka Milky, a popular member of the idol group NMB48, uploaded her cute Suppin face on her blog, and it’s made a Buzz throughout the nation. She is now considered as one of the best prospect in this election, and a little before it’s announced that she will join team B as she concurrently holds her original position in team N.

Milky, whose black silky hair and orthodoxical idol looks have grabbed the hearts of many fans, made a post titled “Suppin day” on her blog and shared her face without any trace of make-up. Fair skin, silky black hair and fascinating eyes, many of her charms are condensed in this selca.

This girl who have joined AKB48‘s singles for several times (Everyday Cachucha and Manatsu no SG! as Senbatsu, Yasai Uranai and New Ship as Yasai sisters and Special girls A) is one of the most notably popular member in NMB48. She placed 34th in the early result of the last election, but her name wasn’t in top40 in the end.
After she swallowed tears, it’s been her dearest wish to be selected for Senbatsu, and that doesn’t allow her to be satisfied with her current position in the early result, 19th. On the face of it, she seems to be innocent and soft. But under her divinely cute figure, there’s burning ambition to be the top idol in the world, and that makes her all the more captivating.
If this is cheating, then her whole existence is cheating….. because she is just too tempting…..

Like other members of AKB48 families, Milky is also a huge fan of other girl idols. Or we should think she likes every Kawaii girl as long as they are her type…

Milky on G+

“I bought breads because there was a cute girl working at the bread shop(゜.゜)♥

She is so tiny and had lovely smile on her face…. which healed me so much!!♡ (笑)”

“I love Kawaii girls♡
Lately I’ve again wanted to go to concerts of idols soooo mcuh!! (泣)
Please bring me to idols’ concerts( ´Д`)=3笑
Of course it’s fun to dance and sing by myself more than anything , but…
I sometimes have a surge of feeling to feel like going to the concerts….
That’s about my serious concern!”

Annin “Let’s go togetherー\(^^)/♥” <- Milky got one Kawaii girl (^o^)/