Minami Takahashi Forced To Graduate Her Signature Ribbon (For a While?)

  May 10, 2012
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It’s reported AKB48 member Minami Takahashi caught in an unfortunate accident that when she was shopping in boutique shop in Tokyo, paper shopping bag she was carrying with caught candle fire displayed in the shop. The fire even reached her hair and she was forced to cut her long hair.
Note: Though this accident was announced on 9th, it happened on 4th this month. Before Tane.
9th May was team A’s Revue A4th Tadaima Renaichu in ongoing Minogashita Kimitachihe2 Series, and Takamina was jokingly called Chirimina san by Mariko.
*ChiriChiri: The word used to describe curly hair after caught in bomb or fire.
Immediately after she caught fire, a shop staff brought fire extinguisher and put off the fire on Takamina. Though she didn’t have a skin burn, she was shocked when the shop staff said “Your hair….. it’s ChiriChiri.” Since she had a filming of TV show 4 hours after this accident, she had no choice but to cut her signature long hair.
During the team A Revue at Tokyo Dome City on 9th, Minami Minegishi began to talk about this accident, saying “Takamina has something to talk to you about her fire accident.” Takamina then started talking with a smile “Because there’s cute products below, I was looking at them… then fire from aroma candle next to them touched to my paper shopping bag hanging on my right shoulder…lol” “The Shop staff said ‘Your hair… ChiriChiri’.”
But it’s not all bad, actually “Everyone says I look cuter with this short hair. What about my last 7 years (with long hair)!!” Though this made it difficult to put her signature Ribbon, “I think it’s a guide of God.”, she keeps her positive attitude. During the last portion of the Revue concert, she appeared on the stage without Ribbon.
Though she uploaded a photo of herself with short hair on 4th on her blog, she didn’t mention this accident, writing “My hair got shorter <3", but after this accident has reported, a lot of fans are commenting "Your hair burned in the accident??? (Initially it's only reported that her paper bag caught fire)" until she revealed it during the show.
It’s so fortunate that she had no skin burn from the accident, on the contrary it turned out to be a lucky one that she discovered her cute new hairstyle!!