Minami Takahashi in Her New Hairstyle Impressed TV Audience In Afternoon TV Show Waratte Iitomo

  May 29, 2012
Takamina guested today’s Waratte Iitomo‘s “Telephone Shocking” segment! As she was without her signature item, ribbon, host of the show, Tamori asked about the episode that she had to change her hair style.

Tamori “Why Sashihara is in 4th?”

Takamina “No non non non. She is striving so hard lately”

Tamori “What about your election!?”

Takamina “AkiP always says “enjoy!”, the election is a festival! But… haha”

Tamori: “Is it real that your hair burned during golden week holiday??”

Takamina explain how she couldn’t have noticed paper bag burning under her shoulder.

Takamina: “I replied “No, I’m alright” when asked “Do you have any burn?” from the shop staff. Then she said “Your hair… Chirichiri…. ” lol”

MaeAtsu “She never changes her opinion. She is very stubborn.”

Takamina “She often says “What the heck about you hair style/fashion?” But I never give in to her opinion…. And I correct mine like two years later lol”

Yuko “She looks like Yankee. But actually she is a girly girl.”

Takamina “(after talked about her catchphrase which says she looks a little like Yankee) Do you think I look like Yankee? Some people think I look strong-willed. But I actually has a heart made out of glass♡ And… my room is actually all white♡ I like girly things very much..”

Shinoda “She looks serious, but she is staring at us from the tail of her eyes while we are changing costumes lol She is (sometimes) a pervert lol”

Takamia “E!! Ee!! Wait wait!! “

Tamori “But… do you look at them?”

Takamiana “Yeah (she talks about how she doesn’t take a bath with other members)”

Tamori “But you look at them changing clothes?”

Takamina “Because (though I don’t want them to look at me) I want to see what kind of underwear they put on…”

Kojiharu “She talks too long when we are making a pre-stage circle because she gets too excited. Because we’ve already made finger chain, I tend to get tired waiting her to finish the speech…”

Takamina “Shinoda-san and Kojima-san are a little harsh on me lol”

Takamina “(Skip) I talk for about… 10 minutes… to over 200 members making a circle…”

Takamina “I feel their fingers are getting stiff.”

Tamori “You should make it short!!”

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