Not Yet To Release It’s New Single Suika Baby on The Same Release Date of Watariroka Hashiritai7, 30th May

  May 10, 2012

As it’s announced that Not Yet will release it’s new single on 30th May, it certainly is the worst month for Sashiko Ota financially. Have there ever been an artist who released 3 singles in one month from 3 different labels respectively?? (Soredemo Sukidayo from Avex, Manatsu no Sounds Good! from King Records, Suika Baby from Columbia) But it’s not only Sashiko Ota who are perplexed but fans of the members of Not Yet and Watariroka Hashiritai7 are also having hard time thinking upon how they manage to support their Oshi-men in the election while also supporting subunit they belongs to. Of course, we can exclude Yuko from this category since no matter what will happen, she has enough loyal fans to secure her No.1 position in the election. Though all other members, namely,

Warota: Aika Ota, Ayaka Kikuchi, Haruka Nakagawa, Misaki Iwasa and Mika Komori
Not Yet: Rie Kitahara, Yui Yokoyama and Rino Sashihara

will see their fans having hard time to figure out which single they should buy to support their Oshi-men.

But what we really should care about in this single release rush is Lovetan (Aika Ota) and KitaRie (Rie Kitahara), who will give their first solo song and first lyric project for couplings of their groups single respectively. Yui Yokoyama is also on the border line of Senbatsu and non Senbatsu. Update: Not Yet’s new single will be coupled with Yuihan’s solo song.

西瓜BABY / Suika Baby by Not Yet (official)
1. 西瓜BABY
(not announced) <- includes previously reported KitaRie's first lyric project (according to Ads catch-copy) 少年よ嘘を付け / Syounen yo uso o tsuke by Watariroka Hashiritai7 (official)
1. 少年よ嘘を付け
君は考える / Kimiha kangaeru
姉妹どんぶり / Shimai Donburi  by Mayu Watanabe and Kazumi Urano (Type A)
恋愛ヘビー級チャンピオン / Renai Heavykyu Champion  by Mayu Watanabe, Haruka Nakagawa, Ayaka Kikuchi and Misaki Iwasa  (Type B)
なんて素敵なあひるのボート / Nante Suteki na Boat nano  by Mayu Watanabe, Aika Ota and Mika Komori   (Type C)
へそが曲がる 歌 / Heso ga magaru uta  by Aika Ota (Normal Edition)

Of course record label is shamelessly hyping this tough schedule to make the best of “election leverage” Below is the today’s newspaper ad of new single of Not Yet.

“Don’t forget Not Yet while you are deep into the election!”
“Sorry for choosing this release date”
Though given the previous sales figures, it’s obvious Not Yet will win over Warota in Oricon ranking, this can be seen the pre-election battle between the next Ace vs current Ace, namely Mayuyu vs Yuko, which sounds familiar record label’s move, doesn’t it? Modern record labels no longer are trying to make money from selling records but want to ride on the election fever and want to attract media attentions, which leads to revenue from concerts or merchandise.
But it’s kinda unfortunate for Warota, since their new single has really nice tune… but it’s really difficult for them to surpass Not Yet and 2nd week of Manatsu no Sounds Good!.
Probably Oricon weekly chart includes 30th May will be like this,
1, 2. Manatsu no Sounds Good! or Suika Baby
3. Syounen yo uso o tsuke

Title track of Warota’s new single can be listened on Warota’s official Youtube channel and you can also listen to sample track of Suika Baby by Not Yet on it’s official page