As the early result of AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo was announced on 23th, we are now gradually making our the idea that who will be the next stars of the group.

While famous members’ rankings are under the spotlight, many names of  fresh bloods who has steadily built popularity through TV Drama series, variety TV shows, Shake-Hands events, Social Media and solo activities appeared in top64 in the early result.
5 of total 16 members of team 4, which was formed last June, ranked in top64 in the early result. Haruka Shimazaki (Paruru), who placed the highest (22th) among team 4 members is starring the ongoing Drama series Shiritsu Bakaleya Gakuin, which has received attention as this is the first time Janny’s Jr. and AKB48 members appears in the same Drama. Paruru plays a role of Fumie Shingyouji, who is perfect both in study and looks and serves as the president of student council at Daiichi Katolea Gakuin. Mina Ohba (Minarun) who placed 56th and Mariya Nagao (Mariyagi) who placed 53th are also co-starring the Drama.

The only member who won the seat of Janken Senbatsu in the 2nd Janken tournament last year, Suzuran Yamauchi (Suzuran) appeared at 47th. She is popular for her cheerful response at Shake-hands event. Last November, when she joined the charity golf tournament where she played with pro-golfer Riko Higashio and actor Masaki Kanda, she hit tee shot 260 yards, which drew big attention.

The only current team 4 member who appeared in the final ranking of the last election (39th) along with Minarun (35th), Miori Ichikawa (Miorin or Fresh Lemon) got a late start as she was placed 59th.

Misaki Iwasa (Wasamin), who made her solo debut this year as Enka singer, 3rd members of  AKB48 who made solo debut, placed 45th. This is the first time her name made the list of the ranking of the election. Sayaka Nakaya (Nakayan), who started her carrer as a “novelist” this year with the book titled “Hi-Senbatsu Idol” placed 36th, overly exceeded her own estimation for this election, 63th. Nakayan is also starring ongoing (only non-metropolitan Kanto area) Anime AKB0048.

Placed 29th in the 3rd election, Senbatsu member in the 2nd Janken Tournament, Shizuka Ohya (Shiichan). She placed 59th, which is surprisingly low, given the fact that she has starred many variety TV shows and been widely recognized among TV viewers. Haruka Ishida (Harukyan), who placed 2nd in the 2nd Janken tournament last year, and named a center for GUGUTASU Senbatsu, appeared at 48th.

Sakiko Matsui, who was 38th in the last election was out of the ranking in the early result on 23th, but is expected to make late rally. She won the piano section of TV show “Talent Contest Teppen”, which aired this January, and will release her first solo piano album this August.

The biggest surprise in this early result were 3 KKS from HKT48, SKE48 and AKB48. KKS is what we call “Support member”, who replace regular members when they can’t join Stages due to other works or injury etc. Yui Yokoyama, who joined AKB48 from the same audition as Paruru (9gen), has a history that her enormous effort, diligent attitude and outstanding stage performance made her promoted to a regular member by far earlier than other 9gen members. Sayaka Etoh, KKS of HKT48 has steady fan base and is popular at Shake-Hands events, while her stage performance still lacks what is necessary to be a regular member. Kaori Matsumura, also KKS from SKE48, is the oldest KKS among all 48 groups and has the longest career (2 and half years) as KKS. She has drawn (enormously) huge attention for her video program which is aired on her Google Plus account. She is also famous as the creator of the nickname of Google plus “GUGUTASU”. But while these girls are relatively popular and well-known to fans compared to other KKS, Tomu Mutoh, 12gen member and KKS of AKB48, who placed 30th, take aback of almost all AKB fans, as a girl whose name isn’t known to most of AKB fans placed before Sayaka Akimoto and Asuka Kuramochi. Tomu is a shy girl and sort of a big sister of 12gen. She described her surprise as “Biggest miracle in my entire existence” on her G+.

Tomu Mutoh on G+

“E…. is this real???
I can’t believe this….. really??
It’s all because of your support!!!
Thank you…. thank you so much!!
I feel like I’m dreaming….”
Yuka Tano “This is really great!!”
Natuski Kojima “Tomu!! It’s great!! It’s too great♡♡♡♡ Congratulation♡I love you(*゚∀゚)♡”
Mai Imade “Really really really!!!! Seriously, Congratulation(´;ω;`)!!!! i’m moved so much!!”

The sole reason for these 3 girls’ miracles are their passionate fans. Even though their fan base is limited, a small number of fans passionately supported the girls, making their names appeared in the ranking despite all the bets. Certainly they appeared on a stage less often than regular members, but there’re always people who notice their blood, sweat and tears. The election is a place that we repay the hard work of girls, who bring smile and cheers to us.