The Result of The Battle: Congrats Nogizaka46, and Good Job Sashiko!!

  May 8, 2012

After one week since the release of their records, the result of the result finally announced.

Nogizaka 1st Nogizaka2nd Sashiko1st
月 ###,### ###,### ###,###
火 *84,905 111,222 *56,879
水 *13,782 *21,552 *29,528
木 **9,254 **8,238 *12,323
金 **7,373 **5,092 **7,718
土 *10,901 **4,123 **6,049
日 **7,524 **2,993 **5,456
合 133,739 153,220 117,953
週 136,309 156,000 124,000 (<-approx number)

(Source: Oricon, two channel “Sashiko fan thread”)
If it includes sales of theatre version, total sales will be about 130,000, which is a great number!!
Good job Sashiko and Nogizaka.
I am wondering how much this battle increased sales for both music acts compared to when they release their records on different weeks.
And after all, this battle is more like a collaboration than a battle, since in the full version of Oide Shampoo, there’s a scene where it can be seen that Sashiko is having Bentoh in teachers room (and as AKiP said, that skirt flip scene hasn’t removed from MV, but modified a bit.)

Relating to this story, in afternoon TV program Akko ni Omakase, when asked “If Sashihara loses to Nogizaka46, then Has it already planned who will take on a next battle agaist Nogizaka??”, Sae Miyazawa, who was guesting the show firmly said “I don’t want a battle anymore!!”.

According to Techinsight, 2th May (release date of Oide Shampoo and Soredemo Sukidayo) is also a birthday of AkiP and on the same day of 16 yeas ago, in 1986, he also arranged the same type of battle between for he them produced idol groups.
It seems we’d batter consider this battle as a event to liven up whole idol groups include AKB, Nogizaka or not take it too seriously.

After NyanNyan tweeted that she is going to buy Sashiko’s single and showed a record she bought while her TV appearance with Sashiko a couple days ago, Acchan yesterday wrote on her blog that she bought 15 CDs at a record store after a long time.
“I also could get Sashiko’s CD:)♪ “

This Acchan’s support for Sashiko is not only a kind move but it’s smart to buy the CD on Monday, one week after the release since it means it doesn’t affect the Oricon ranking. Acchan also bought Tomochin’s debut single Dear J with her own money even Tomochin presented her CD to all members.