Yuki Kashiwagi and Minami Takahashi demonstrated Shake-Hands Event In TV Show Domoto Kyoudai

  May 6, 2012

Minami takahashi and Yuki Kashiwagi gave us a sneak peek of how the handshake with Yukirin at the AKB’s handshake event looks like.

Takamina and Yukirin guested the previous episode of TV program Domoto Kyoudai. On the episode, Yukirin paired with Takamina and presented a demonstration of how the handshake event occurs.
Takamina (as a fan) “Woooow Yukirin!? Real Yukirin!?!”
Yukirin (as herself) “Nice to meet you.”
Takamina “Woooow Can do me a favor?? My name is Takeshi. Please remember my name!!”
Yukirin “Tekeshi-san. Thank you.”
Takamina “Loop Loop” (lol)
(Takamina reached Yukirin after looped a (imaginary) long line of Yukirin’s lane.)
Takamina “Yukirin, Yukirin! It’s me! What’s my name? Do you remember?”
Yukirin “Yes, I remember you. You’re Takashi-san”
Takamina “Yeahhhh Thank you for remembering my name! Please wink for me!!”
Takamina “Yes!!!”
(Takamina looped for third shake-hands)
Takamina “Yukirin~~”
Yukirin “Oh yeah, it’s third time!”
Takamina “Please present me your catchphrase!!!”
Yukirin “寝ても覚めてもゆきりんワールド、夢中にさせちゃうぞ!Wink!”
After that, Takamina couldn’t no longer stand this hilarious exchange and broke into laughter. Veteran musicians who were also guests on the show were surprised at how real their demonstration looked and complimented both girls. One musician stated, “Fans lining up for each lane have different characters respectively, don’t they? Like fans in Takamina’s lane have a certain character.” Takamina answered with a funny gesture, “Many fans in my lane are high. Takamina~~~~ Yeah!!!!!! (As she’s shouting this, she made a pose with her fist)” Yukirin also imitated Takamina’s fan, shouting “Oh!! Takamina!!!!!”

Fans reacted in online forums with comments like “Is this how you guys look like??” “LOL This is really similar to the real event!!” “They are making fun of us lol” “So they are doing this for long hours like 10 hours a day if they’re popular members? It looks exhausting…”

“Shake-Hands event is not an event  to shake hands. It’s an event in which we present 10-seconds Revue to each of our fan.  – Yuki Kashiwagi”