Yukirin’s Smelly Herb Tea (and 3 other stories about Imade, Umechan and Anna Murashige)

  May 20, 2012

KitaRie G+

“Yukirin was producing herb tea.
Kitarie “What? Why do you suddenly start doing such a snobby thing?”
Kashiwagi “Because I’m snobby in the first place”
Kitarie “(´・ω・`) Okay.”
3 minutes later…. I heard over Yukirin’s voice “What is this smelly???”….
(๑ ̄ω ̄๑)けけっ”

Yukirin showing off her smelly herb tea apologetically

Fans reacted with commetns like,”lol See guys? This is Yukirin-quality!”
“When Kitarie used  the word “Producing”, I realized that it won’t be food or drink that human can have….”
“Yukirin never betrays us! This is Yukirin qiality!”
“How about put this on the menu of AKB cafe???? It’ll never happen…”
“We’d better appreciate her herb tea only by photograph….”
“Say… reading novels… she really like to pretend to be snobby!(≡^∇^≡)
“I think Kitarie’s reporting style for this event is awesome!! No wonder why she was ordered to write the lyric (for the coupling to Suika Baby by Not Yet) by AkiP.”

Meanwhile SKE teams were frolicking each other with Pockey game…kinda!!

Mai Imade (KKS of SKE who has already announced her graduation) on G+

“Pockey game!!!
….like Shiruko Sand (sticck) game!!!” (Shiruko Sand is sandwitch cookie. Anko is sandwitched between cookies.)
This is Rena Matsui version.
I’m sorry if you’re Rena-Oshi♥笑
Voice in the back is Churi-sanん(ฅ’ω’ฅ)♪”

Imade “It’s not that I wanted to kiss Rena-san but I just wanted to eat Shiruko Sand!!ww”
Ainyan “You’re so aggresive that I was cracked up!!”
Rena “You’re so intense, Imade…”
Imade “Rena-san. Was I intense?٩(๛ ˘ 3˘)۶♥笑 “

Imade G+

“Sorry I kept you waiting.
Pockey game renamed to Shiruko Sand game!!!
This is Churi version!!
Plase focus on the video!!
No matter how many times I watch this, this video cracks me up!!”

Ainyan “You guys look like having so much fun So how about Aina Fukumoto version for the next?”
Imade “Ainyan! I’ll go to Nara with Shiruko Sando holding in my mouth!!”
Rena “Meddling Imade…ww”
Imade “Renasan! Certainly!”

“Boisterous video( ・ิω・ิ)笑
Sorry that audio messed up in the last portion of the video!
I was holding the mic part of the phone probably!
Anyway…it’s so funー(  ̄∀ ̄)”

“It looks like I was again shutting the mic hole from the middle of the video.
This pair with flat hair is so funny!!”
Churi “No!!”
Imade “Churi-san! Clunky!”

Churi “Gosh!!! It’s too late to regret!!”

Imade “Churi-san! It’s too late~~!”


Churi “I learned this when I was arranged my hair by Sawako!!

I can do it by myself now!!”

Imade “Churi-san. But it’s not good for your hair if you touch your hair too much lol

Please take care(´・_・`)”

Churi “Gosh, Imade!!”

Imade “Churi-san! What did you just say(ฅ’ω’ฅ)♪lol”

Boyfriend of Ainyan, who can bravely take on Churi and Rena, Mai Imade will graduate SKE at the end of this month.

Following the Akicha’s surprising confess that she is stil growing taller, Anna Murashige of HKT48 shared this photo through her G+ account.

Anna Murashige G+

“Anna grew taller!
I think it’s easy to see how I got taller when I’m between these 2?”

Her facial expression!!! lol

Umechan hosted her solo event “Dance Studio Umeda” at AKB cafe and shop in AKihabara yesterday, and she acted as a DJ for the first time during the event!!

Umechan on her blog

“I was DJing for the first time during the event at AKB shop and cafe!!
I still still still still stii~~~ll not very good at this, but I’ve long been longing to challenge DJing!!”

Umechan! We want to see your DJ in the opening act for DiVA’s event!!!

Drum, Dance, Vocal…. she is talented in many things and learn really fast!