47 New Members Open Google Plus Accounts (and Kitarie’s ‘So Lucky to be Unlucky’ Story)

  June 2, 2012

47 new members of AKB48/SKE48/NMB48 opened their new Google Plus accounts yesterday.

AKB48 on G+
A total of 47 members from AKB48/SKE48/NMB48 have opened their Google plus accounts and personal profile pages!!
This is the Google plus circle, and you can add all new members of AKB48 by clicking this link!!
Please make the best of this tool!!

G+ 運営事務局
Add circle
AKB48 shared a circle with you.
G+ management team

13th gen??? Who do you think I should add to my circle????

Definitely, Kaoru will have the most followers.

Sako Iwatate on G+

“Nice to meet you~~~
Sorry if it’s too sudden, but I start voice training from now!!!
I’m 13th gen member 岩立沙穂 (Sako Iwatate / Iwatate Sako in Japanese name order)!!!
I and other 13th gen members start using GUGUTASU from today~~~(^^) Yayyyyy!!

Who debuted in Google+ the first among the 13th gen members???
I still can’t see updates of other members~~~
What should I do?
I’d better learn much more about GUGUTASU!
Everyone, Thank you for visiting my account! “

Ohhhh… 13th gen debuted on Google+!!!

I have no idea who’s who…….

Let’s find out who is stronger online than in real life!!

All members of 13th gen started GUGUTASU??

Age wise, all members “can” start GUGUTASU!

Total of 47 members lol It’s gonna be Chaos!!

13th gen plus SKE 5th gen and NMB 3rd gen..
By the way the 3rd gen of NMB48 members have so many members!! (AKB16, SKE 12, NMB 19 members)

Come on quick~~~~!! F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5

Basically I will watch people’s reactions before adding them to my circle.
As I find someone introduced here interesting, then I will follow her.

I hope there’re eccentric members like Mayuyu, Wasamin or Tano-chan!!!
I somehow feel most of the 13th gen members are soft and not so unique…..

Let’s expect that role from Mogi-chan (Link to her G+)!!

Haruna Hasegawa on G+

I had beef steak for today’s dinner!
And those steaks were…. cooked by my little brothers!!!!
It was so delicious!!!
I can’t wait to see what they will bring for dessert♪♪”

I kinda feel she is not used to take selca….lol

She somehow looks like Okaro, doesn’t she???

I thought it too!
She has very distinctive facial features and a beautiful face.

I somehow feel the air of Mochikura (Mocchi) from her…

This fork is gradually making this photo funny as I look at it….

Haruna Hasegawa

“I have…
6 younger brothers and 1 younger sister!!”

What a big family….
I guess it’s tough to be an elder sister of 7 people…..

She often refers to her big family during MC’s in stages.

Okay I now remember Hasegawa-chan!!!

Kaoru Mitsumune on G+

“Hi there(’-‘)
I came back home a little before.
I will be sending mobile mail!!
I’m looking forward to seeing your reactions….”

Shihori Suzuki “Kaoru~~~ Nice to meet you on G+!!”
Shihori Suzuki “Before the comments section is filled up, let me leave my comment.←
Shihori Suzuki “LOL As I expected, it’s filling so rapidly!!”
Nana Fujita “Wait, Where’s that photo~~(・ω・)?”
Nana Fujita “My reckless challenge to take the first comment of Kaoru’s very first post ended in vain…. Okay I don’t care!!←←”

LOL her comment is totally different from other 13th gen members…

It looks like she is the only member who can get 500 comments!!

Mittsu is so poised…. as I expected….

She briskly changed her profile photo!!

LOL Is this a photo she took when she was modeling???
She really stands out with this exceptional aura lol

I thought this picture was an advertisement…. lol

I thought it too!! lol

 Nana Fujita “Wait, Where’s that photo~~(・ω・)?”
LOL She is completely being Ota…

Kitarie’s “So Lucky To be Unlucky” Story

Rie Kitahara on G+

“At the “ONE PIECE” exhibition.
At the exhibition, you receive a piece of paper to commemorate your visit.
On the paper there is a car, and on the card was a picture of…Franky.
..Well, I am fine with Franky. Really.
Even though Tomomi got Chopper, and the girl behind me visiting with her boyfriend got Sanji. I don’t mind.
Afterwards, I decided to purchase some merchandise, so I bought a pirate flag phone strap.
The design is random and has 6 types.
I didn’t mind getting any of the designs, so I bought 2 and opened it with Tomomi at the same time…and I got Arlong.
Now this is taking it too far. I like Nami, Sanji, Zoro, Chopper and Marco, so I was okay with all 5 designs except Arlong. Why did they have to add Arlong into the designs in the first place?
Tomomi and I laughed so hard when we saw the outcome.
This is my chain of unlucky events.”

So she went on a date with Tomo~mi, right??

I have no idea what she is writing about as I don’t keep up with the latest episodes of One Piece!!!

Is this marketing of One Piece??

Maybe she understands the feelings of Ota who are collecting cards or something??? lol