Acchan made her first performance of Kimiha Bokuda on TV (and 2 other stories on NMB48 and Sashiko)

  June 12, 2012

Acchan made her first performance of Kimiha Bokuda on TV

I watched countless of her singing performance but for the first time I realized that she is a very good singer….
Acchan is Acchan, no matter where she is, and she is always elegant.

Center of NMB’s upcoming new single will be Waruky???

From 11th June, Ads posters for MinMinDaha (energy drink like Redbull specialized in killing sleepiness) featuring NMB48 Senbatsu members has appeared subway stations in Tokyo and Osaka. Members will transform into Neko(Cat) cosplay, one by one everyday until 24th, the deadline of the application to NMB’s secret live.
People can make their guess about who will transform into Neko tomorrow and submit bets to the campaign website.
NMB neko Poster (all 16 members’ posters) for 10 people per day who made a correct guess and won the lottery 
-250 people who won the lottery will be invited to MinMinDaha presents NMB48 secret live held in Roppongi.
The live concert is planned to be live-streamed on NicoNicoDoga.
Waruky is a center!
Honmayan. (yeah you’re right.)
Neko Maachun Kawaii~~~~!!

Sashiko “I will aim at somewhere around “Center”….”

From sponichi

Rino Sahihara, who got 4th spot in this year’s election, made her first appearance after the election at live afternoon TV show Waratte Iitomo, and shared her joy for the great election result with the show host Tamori and costars as well as TV audience.
In the beginning of the show, Sashihara was celebrated by costars with the decorative banner. Though Tamori-san jokingly said to her, “Actually I’d believed that you would decrease your ranking.” “So it was votes from organizations/companies, right?” and Sashihara looked embarrassed as she she argued back, the show was filled with warm smile and cerebrating mood.
In the last portion of the program, Sashiko expressed her determination for the next battle by saying “I will aim at somewhere around “Center”….”