(Bimyo~ 2?) AKB48 ‘Gachichare’ (Serious Challenges) New Show will have Takamina and Iwasa Lost for Words!!

  June 25, 2012
A Bimyo~ (Subtle) Gate, AKB48’s Gachinko (Serious) Challenge
AKB48’s new show “Hikari TV Presents Bimyo~ na tobira AKB48 no Gachichare” (Hikari TV Presents a Subtle Gate: AKB48’s Serious Challenges) will start on Hikari TV at 23:00 on the 29th of June (Friday).

Trying to remember the names of the JKT48 members.
This show will be a continuation of AKB48’s first Original Skit show “Bimyo~” (broadcast last year). This time it is a Documentary Variety show having AKB48 members go through rigorous trials, while discovering new possibilities of the members. Each time two members will each tackle difficult problems. The process, from the members practising to when they attempt the task, will be shown on air as a documentary. 
Staring at the Dominos seriously.

On the first episode (29th of June) Takahashi Minami and Iwasa Misaki will appear. Takahashi will tackle “Remembering all the names of JKT48’s 24 members”, while Iwasa will tackle “Knocking over 3333 pieces of dominoes”.

Furthermore on this show, a system that will predict the outcomes of the AKB48 members’ challenges is also prepared. The viewers of the show can go to the specially installed site of “Hikari TV x AKB48” and vote on whether the member will “pass” or “fail”.

For the first episode you can vote on the site, starting from today, the 25th (15:00) until 17:00 on the 29th. All the viewers who managed to guess the correct result will receive an original wallpaper as a present.

HikariTV “HikariTV Presents Bimyo~ na Tobira AKB48 no GachiChare”

2012, 29th of June (Friday) 23:00~23:30
※Broadcast every Friday at 23:00
Homepage of Site
Takahashi Minami hearing and being surprised at the contents of the challenge.
In the waiting room, Takamina remember the names of JKT48 members.
Takamina doing the challenge of remember the names of the JKT48 members.

Steadily lining up the Dominoes, Iwasa Misaki.

Carefully lining up the Dominoes. 
Her dominoes accidentally fell over! Then spontaneously covering her face with her hands, Iwasa Misaki.

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