Count Down TV’s Camera Work was 神!!!

  June 3, 2012
I want staffs of other TV programs to learn from them!!!

It was really nice!!

It was like something from 20 years ago.

Certainly it looked like old or orthodox camerawork, but I really appreciate that they  took tons of close-up cuts!!!

I think they filmed the same performance twice.
I understand they put a lot of work for this, but guess…. performance itself was not that impressive.

It really conveyed guts of individual members!!

So they filmed 2 version. One with white back and one in team performance.
But wait…. I think I saw this colorful background before…..
I’m afraid to say this but is this the same one from Kayoukyoku???


CDTV lol

I don’t be mad if someone says this is shit!!!
This camerawork may not work at all if it’s not AKB48.

I guess they film only once.
They just took close-up cuts of front members.
And erased backgrounds.

It’s impossible to extract only one member when this large number of members perform together in this small stage.
This is absolutely filmed individually. It took a much effort!

Certainly it looked something very drastic.
It’s okay there’re at least on program film AKB48 in this way!!

So why AKB48 can star music TV show??
It’s because we want to watch them dancing!!!
We want to find our Oshi-men dancing!!
What the heck is that yellow bars!?!?

I understand how you enjoy AKB48’s performance on TV, but at least in this program, your manner is wrong lol

If Janny’s or other idol groups are filmed in this way, I can picture their fans will be flaming on live-broadcasting section (on 2channel).

Yeah I see.
It’s only acceptable when it’s applied to AKB48.

So this was a re-use of Kayokyoku(‘s background)….

Yeah, the set was the same but the performance itself was different.
Members pose, angle, positions are different.
Look at Acchan’s left arm.

 This is the awesome camerawork for Ota of back row members.
Because it’s usually ridiculously  difficult to recognize them on TV screen…

They passed my test as there is no audience…which is usually sending annoying chants

I think it’s okay to have this kind of arrangement sometimes,
but it’s a little strange that individuality members cuts with white backgrounds continue….

Maybe it was good for DD (fans who like all members), for people who have their own Oshi-men, it’s more fun to search for their Oshi-men even though they are given a small cut.

from CDTVのカメラワークが神