Dig Scandal of AKB or Have Honeymoon relation with AKB – Surviving strategy of Tabloid magazines

  June 26, 2012

A reporter for a weekly magazine: “Unbelievably one of tabloid magazine Friday’s chief editor takes on Shunkan Bunshun’s article or we should say Rino-chan’s former boyfriend, bluntly putting forward his criticism toward him.

Friday recently reported scandal of Seibu Lions star pitcher Wakui Hideaki, which was leaked from a woman he played with. Subsequently, this lead him to be sent to a farm team, which is kind of similar to Sashihara’s case. Of course there’s a clear difference as Wakui, who is single, belongs to the professional baseball team, while Sashihara, who had a relationship with her fan, belongs to the group which prohibits it’s members to have love relationships. If you have a common sense, it’s too easy to find out which magazine’s report caused them damages bigger than they deserve.”
According to chief editor (of Friday) A, he put foreword in which he states “Though I would get retorted that I have no right to criticize him.” then he direct his attack against Sashihara’s former boyfriend, “Sashihara is still a teen girl. It’s absurd of the man to brag about his relationship with her to the public. It a pitiable story actually.”
The publisher of Friday, Kodansha, is also a publisher of Sashiko’s first photobook “Sashiko” and the magazine has tons of AKB members Gravure every week.
A reporter for a weekly magazine: “Most of Gravure of Friday magazine is dominated by AKB members. After the election, members who ended up “out of ranking” are featured in Gravure section of various magazines, and Friday is the one which accepted the largest number of the members to appear on it’s Gravure section. Basically Friday have a firm connection with AKB48. The chief editor’s column has received  high acclaim as most of his topics had nothing to do with AKB48, but this time, it’s disappointing as it felt as if we are shown the dark side of the business.”
Some may call it “dirty / unmanly / pitiable”, but Bunshun never stops digging the dark story of AKB48, hidden underneath their enormous popularity, while in exchange of it’s Gravure pages, Friday firmly decided to turn it’s eyes away from AKB48‘s scandal, which magazine readers will choose??


LOL How come this guy can criticize Bunshun???? It’s laughable!!

Exactly “You have no right to criticize them.” lol

LOL How much do they want to suck up to AKB48???
Friday seems to make it a basic rule of them not to report any of AKB’s scandal.
In terms of journalism, I would say they sold their souls to AKB48….
They’d been also enjoying close relationship with Morning Museme during it’s peak period.
What made me amused was when Morning Musume started losing it7s popularity, Friday suddenly started reporting it’s scandals so intensively lol
By the way, even Bunshun these day seems to approach to AKB48 as it featured AKB members in it’s “Genshoku Bijo Zukan” (True color beautiful women Encyclopedia) segment….

I’m disappointed with Friday actually……
I’ll never buy those magazines sucking up to big shots.

But I can agree that the former boy friend is indisputably the scum of the earth.

 I agree with you, but at the same time, it’s Sashihara who caused this scandal, so I think there’s no room to sympathize with her.

Kodansha: Friday
Shueisha: Playboy
Koubunsha: Falsh
These 3 magazines heavily rely on their Gravure section….
By the way, I hope they wil perpetrate a farce that some day Sashihara, along with HKT48 members, will invade Friday’s office.
(wiki: In the past, legendary comedian, movie director Kitano Takeshi did attack Friday’s office because the magazine conduct a interview to his former girlfriend who is an ordinary person in a violent manner.)
I think Friday is a magazine which reported Kago-chan’s (former Morning Musume) underage smoking????

Yes. This is the magazine which put end to Kago-chan’s career as an idol.

Though I’m Sashi-Ota….. I’m afraid that this would cause further bashing…..

The only Garvure type  magazine which are aggressive to AKB48 is Bubuka???

Thanks to SKE, they are now in honeymoon period with AKB48, though if they won’t sell well with SKE, soon they would change their attitude.

LOL I rather want Friday to interview to her former boyfriend!!! Or they are ordered not to do it from AKB’s management????

What the hell this guy (Friday’s chief editor) is taking about??? lol

It’s just laughable that Friday, the magazine pioneered the business model which make money from reporting scandals in Show-Biz personalities, says things like this!!!

No matter how ridiculous articles they will write, I will be a loyal customer of Friday because their Gravure is always amazing!!

I don’t care, please release next issue of Tomosatsu as soon as possible!!!

So true, I need to buy green and yellow Tomosatsu!!

But because those photos were sent by Sashihara… it’s not that he secretly photographed them,
So I think it doesn’t make sense to criticize only the former boyfriend but not Sashihara

Anyway I think this scandal is a elaborate plot written by Akimoto Yasushi, that because people are getting fed up with AKB48 lately, he wanted to add oil to the Sashihara fire.