Discussion: Should Mayuyu Graduate Watarioka Hashiritai7?

  June 1, 2012

Honestly I don’t think Warota is a suitable group for present Mayuyu.
Mayuyu herself is getting more and more beautiful while she is still in twin-tail hairstyle in Warota…
But if Mayuyu leave this group, then it will cause enormous damage to the group in terms of it’s popularity… what can we do?

Break Up!

How about letting Mayuyu stop Twin Tail in Warota??

Songs of Warota has become not a good fit for members’ image…

↑Certainly, some day when all members have reached 20, it’s gonna be a trouble.

They should let Mayuyu free…. It’s kind of hurting to see her performs in Warota.

It’s just painful that there’s a huge gap of popularity between Mayuyu and the rest….

Okay guys! It’s no problem! We have Ichikawa!!
She will join Warota and the group will be renamed to “Squeeze Lemon for Karaage tai7”

Wikipedia: karaage
is Japanese cooking technique in which various foods — most often meat and fish — are deep fried in oil. Small pieces of the food are marinated in a mix ofsoy sauce, garlic, and/orginger, then lightly coated with a seasoned wheat flouror potato starch mix, and fried in a light oil — similar to the preparation of tempura.

I wonder if it’s good for members (esp, Mayuyu) to continue to do this niche kind of group when they are over 18 (except Lovetan).

It’s Okay!! There’s 26 y/o in this group, so…. Mayuyu can be fine in this group for 7-8 years more!!

I don’t think it does good for Mayuyu, not only for the group, that she still goes with twin-tail and Loli style….

How about breaking up this group and let Mayuyu concentrate on her solo act??

Reference image: Present Warota

It’s like “We meet up after a while since the breakup (of Warota)!!”

It’s like this group continues to exist just for Harugon, Lovetan, Wasamin and Komorin

If they lost the de-fact leader (=Mayuyu), the face of the group, then the group would be all over!

I want to raise this question, “Warota without high-school girl member is no longer worthy of existence?”

Yeah… though their concept is “Little Sister“, more than half of it’s members are at the age of so called member of society.

But rather…. how about talking about how to make Harugon, Lovetan popular??

Please let Kikuchi join it….

Nowadays, Warota for Mayuyu is like “she was forced to perform” rather than “she is willing to  perform”…

But I love Warota in this (awkward) state, too.

× Whether they should let Mayuyu leave Warota?
○ Whether they should let Warota leave Mayuyu?

Mayuyu is more brilliant in her solo act…

But I think there is a complicating reason that prevent Warota from breakup (such as record label or agencies’s opinions)

Namie Amuro with supermonkies had become more popular after they broke up into solo act of Amuro and MAX.
So it’s okay Warota to break up!
Though there’s no guarantee that Warota6 will be successful.

Let Mayuyu become a solo singer!!
Milky and Miorin will join Warota!! What do you think?

That’s nice!! Milky is gonna be a center??
It’s gonna be interesting to see Milky and Cindy’s w-center!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mayuyu should be solo~.

If it’s Milky, since her family name is 渡辺, it won’t contradict to the group’s name “渡”り廊下走り隊7!

I want Mayuyu concentrate on her solo act and acting!!

But if there’s no top Senbatsu member, then I don’t think Warota would be offered many jobs!!
They would most likely to be forgotten, like DiVA….

Mayuyu leaves the group = Warota is over

If only Mioron joined this group earlier….
if she was in Warota, she would be higher in the election….

Yeah… despite her adorable looks, she is as old as Sayaka Yamamoto and Mayu Watanabe…

It’s just because they got old, it’s become pretty difficult to keep going with their concept.
Naturally the group will soon become expired as they target on very niche..

At least I want them to change tunes or marketing…..
They won’t be little girls forever…

Yasushi Akimoto is playing with Mayuyu too much, too lol

Kanpeki Gu~none
Yuhi no Ijiwaru
Shimai Donburi….

Which direction does he want Warota to go??
I understand his intention that he want to experiment various things as Warota is the only orthodox idol
group in AKB48…

Honestly, Warota accomplished it’s role when Mayuyu made her solo debut…
But they still has their unique feature as the only “Little Sister” type unit in AKB48.
So if they are serious about continuing Warota, they’d better remove the barrier of agency and let fresh bloods join the group.
Though it’s gonna be financially tough…

How much demand are there for “Little sister” character among AKB48 fans in the first place?
Who fans of Warota members (except Mayuyu) who ranked down in this election are supporting now?

↑I think…. Lolicons change their Oshi-men a lot as younger members join the group one after another.

Anyway… all members of Warota are not Loli anymore….

Given the fact that Watanabe production made a contract with Kuumin, it’s possible that Ogi production will also make a deal for SKE members.
If they pick Kanon and replace Mayuyu with her, then Warota can keep their color, while the group can get younger.
Of course record sales will see severe decline, but if they can do it smart, they can make Kanon popular.
It’s highly possible for Kanon as she has gained a good position in SKE’s concert stage, and even in AKB’s Senbatsu song Manatsu no SG!

Kanon looks like Mayuyu, so it somehow makes sense to me.
Speaking of SKE, Warota is also a good fit for Ogiyuri.

AKB has somehow become nothing to do with “uniform”, so it’s okay for Warota to change their image and concept gradually, I think?

From 渡り廊下走りたいでまゆゆを外すべきかどうか