Harukyan has admired Acchan since so long (and 3 other stories on Mittsu’s amazing drawing, Haachan’s latest art piece and Shishou’s Solo Commercial for Cupnoodle)

  June 5, 2012

Guess who Harukyan is looking at

Shihori Suziki on G+

Danna’s back←
So let’s do caption contest!!♡

Oh this is gonna be an interesting contest!!

Can’s back figure is co cute….

Haruka Ishida on G+

So at that moment, Little did I know that she was being a paparazzi….

So the real answer is “I wan thinking like “how beautiful Maeda-san is…!!!!””

Shihori Suzuki “LOL it’s cheating!! You are not supposed to be qualified to participate in this contest lol”
Shihori Suzuki “Can was standing still, staring at the poster. And because you looked so cute, I took a photograph of you. lol”

Really?? lol

Despite her manly image, she’s been in love with Acchan since long before.
Acchan also knows her feeling, and maybe because of that, or just unintentionally, Acchan has cared about her when they perform on the same stage.

Oh really… I didn’t know that… It’s a touching story….

Haruka Ishida “I joined AKB48 because I’ve admired Maeda-san (..)”

Oh…. I hope we can see more exchange between them before Acchan’s graduation….

Kaoru Mitsumune Shows Off Her Drawing Skill

Kaoru Mitsumune on G+

“I finished with today’s work(´ー`)
Bento is so delicious…
This photo is what I made for the commercial of TV Drama ATARU (she is co-starring).
But it hasn’t never been shown until now. This is a portrait drawing of Tetsuji Tanaka-san.”

She is actually a good artist…

What the point of this perfect girl!?!? lol

It’s like an young actress’s blog lol
I can’t believe this is Google plus of AKB’s KKS lol

Actually, minutes before the broadcasting of Ataru, she shows her drawings in the commercials for the Drama, though it’s impossible to notice if you record the Drama and not watch it live.

The thing is…. she draws details and texture of clothes really well!!!

Mittsu… you’re too perfect lol
So which club will you join???
Oh… that’s was a lame question, I know you have no leisure to join AKB’s club….

Drawings of Mittsu she sends us with her Mobame (mobile mail service) is too perverting that it may be impossible to upload them on GUGUTASU, but I hope someday she will share them with GUGUTASU residents.

Kaoru Mitsumune on G+

Thank you so much!
But I started to feel a bit overwhelmed… lol
Thank you (´‥`)
I was drawing whole day when I injured my legs while I was overseas.
Because TV was only airing educational programs and I didn’t have any friends there, I had a plenty of free time….
It sounds like I’m a lonely girl…

Maybe it was during her mysterious lesson in Korea?

Haachan!!! Draw Tetsuji Takana as soon as possible!!!!!

Cup Noodle will Feature Sakiko Matsui in the 2nd episode of “Real” campaign series

Cup Noodle on G+

We finished the filming of 3rd member for 2nd episode of Cupnoodle “Real “.
3rd member for this episode is…. finally…..
Sakiko Matsui-san aka Shishou!!
Matsui-san plays a piano song used as a theme song for our commercial.

Matsui-san will talk about her “real” over her piano song….
We think this commercial will be 100% ““Real” of 21 years old, Sakiko Matsui”.
And…. because we got so much reaction from audiences about Matsui-san’s piano song, we are now creating the commercial for radio which exclusively features  her piano number.

It’s Shishou~~~~~~!!

Sakiko-san, congratulation!!!!

This is good news!!!

I like her composed expression !!

So she can promote her upcoming piano album as much as possible!!!!!!

No one can imagine such a beautiful college student is an idol Ota, short-sleeper and Tokusatsu Ota…. lol

Please add “she can do “blue joke” and sometimes Hentai” lol
But….Shishou will star TV commercial as a solo act….
That something I couldn’t expect to happen…

It’s confusing that the girl I met yesterday and shook hands with is picked for Cupnoodle’s commercial…. It’s too awesome that it makes me confused…

So Haachan’s latest art piece is inspired by the album artwork of Beatles??

Haruka Katayama on G+

I tried to draw a portrait of Shigematsu-san whom I occasionally see in GUGUTASU !!
If you meet Shigematsu-san,
it feels like a good thing is going to happen !!
If you meet him, you can talk to him♪

Nakayan “So why did you draw so many Shigematsu-san”

Why in BBA’s drawing, people’s eyes are  always far apart each other??

I think this time, she did a good job!

Thin Legs!!!!

Legs…. it’s so scary..

So have you ever seen an Askii Art similar to this???

   /”””   ”””:::::::\
  . |(●),   、(●)、.:|
  |   ,,ノ(、_, )ヽ、,, .::::|
.   |   `-=ニ=- ‘ .:::::::|
   \  `ニニ´  .:::::/

That’s it!!

His legs are like birdies.

LOL Haachan’s drawing is so addictive…

I vaguely remember Beatles has similar illustrations on one of their album jackets…..


Yeah It’s Revolver.

So are you talking about this one?

LOL they look alike~

So I am waiting the time will come that her drawing skill is developed to this level!!