Increasing Fans’ Anticipation for Tomu (and 2 other stories about Sashiko and Kawaei)

  June 12, 2012

Rino-chan wears Wakame-chan-like super micro mini skirt

From Cinematoday,

Rino Sashihara of AKB48 made an appearance at press event for the 2nd episode of “KoreIchi (Yasai Ichinichi Koer Ippon) Vegiranger Robo“. Sashihara, who showed the remarkable breakthrough in this election, confessed a funny episode that after the election AkiP told her that “I was rather hoping that either she decreased or increased her ranking a lot. It’s a bit boring that she was in the same place after 2 weeks (from the announcement of the early result).”
She told she didn’t know that she will play a role of “Vegiranger Robo” while all the other members play as Vegirangers until the day of the filming. “I was wondering “why my schedule for the filming is different from other members?? Then, I found “Robo” costume  when I entered the backroom….. and was told “This is (your costume/armor).””…
(Because this is the commercial for vegetable juice she was asked about her and members’ eating habit.) “There are dozens of big eaters. Acchan eats tons of Bento. Kitarie and Yuihan also eat a lot.” “I like Cupnoodle very much, so naturally I have an unbalanced diet. That’s why I drink this to maintain a proper balance in my diet. Actually the reason why I’m so fine like I am now is because i drink this everyday. “

Rino-chan….. Panty….

Oh come on… obviously I can she her panty… like Wakame-chan….lol

Wiki: Wakame-chan from Sazae-san (Manga series)
Ri…Rino!!!! This is unacceptable!! I’ve never thought I raised her like such a dissolute lady!!!!!


Kawaei-tan doesn’t look a day over 12

What the heck is this Hentai TV program… lol

It’s difficult to imagine she is 18…. she looks like an elementary school child….

Paruru “I didn’t sing in the singing screening of AKB48 audition”

From Sponichi, “Haruka Shimazaki – She passed the audition by just standing still. It looked like that she has something solid and different from other participants.”

She looked very poised. As the ranking announcement of the election progressed and the members reacted to the results nervously, to my eyes, she wasn’t shaken at all when her name was called.
“First of all, why did you join AKB48? You wanted to be a singer?”
“No. The reason why I applied to AKB audition is because when I saw their homepage, I found the word “Urgent Recruiting” written there. And I was somehow attracted to the word.”
“So the reason is they said “Urgent”??”
“I really didn’t imagine that I would pass the audition, so…. I was like “Just apply to the audition!!” So, I didn’t go to photo studios to take an audition photograph…. I just used a normal picture which I saved in my computer. From then…. somehow, I’ve reached this point…”
“So you didn’t have a strong desire to become a singer??”
“No, I didn’t have such a strong desire. I even didn’t sing for the singing portion of the audition.”
“You DIDN’T sing!?!?”

“Yes, I didn’t sing. (While the music was playing), I was just standing there.”(Skip)

Solid…. lol It’s the most unlikely word for her….
She passed the audition without singing!?!?! Is this true?
LOL You didn’t know this episode!?!?!
It was even used in AKB0048 as Nagisa’s episode lol

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Oh come on, if you introduce Paruru’s episode, then you gotta introduce Tomu as well.

from Sponichi,

Tomu Mutoh (12gen, 17y/o) was the only member who ranked in from AKB’s Kenkyusei. In contrast to Paruru, who greeted fans in a very poised manner, Tomu displayed her emotion, shedding tears, saying “I’ll strive hard so that I will never waste this precious chance which I am given from fans.”

Her name is MutoTomu, it’s a palindrome. She was born in Tokyo. 156cm height, she is a very orthodox type of beauty.
Fortunately she got a center position of FutureGirls as she ranked in 49th. Some fans are anticipating her promotion to team A after Atsuko Maeda graduates AKB48 in August. We will be paying close attention to her to see if she can live up to fans’ increasing expectation and become one of “candidates for Next Ace”.
I have a huge expectation for Tomu-san

Me too.

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