SKE48 member Jurina Matsui debuted team K’s stage, “I’m 15 years old, Jurina Matsui!”

Jurina Matsui of SKE48 made her first appearance at team K’s stage K6th Reset on 1st June at AKB theater.
Her concurrent participation in team K has announced in March during the SSA concert series. And she finally reached her debut day in team K. When she was greeting to the fans, struck with fans’ enthusiastic chants, she has a teary face, as she said “(her new catchphrase for team K) TaiikukaiK teamK Yuiitsuno JK, I’m 15 y/o Jurina Matsui!! Today, I finally reached my Shonichi as a member of team K. Thank you so much everyone!”
Because her appearance at this stage hadn’t announced in advance, when curtain was opened, revealing that Jurina was on the stage, the whole venue was instantly filled with rapture and exciting chants from team K fans. Jurina, who once talked that she has an crush on team K, joined the stage where team’s captain Sayaka Akimoto and other members were welcoming her. Aed she showed her fascinating powerful performance, as if she was exploding with joy, to the audience.
Jurina talked to the audience as if she was with full of a feeling of fulfillment, “As I am finally on this stage, I’m getting to love team K more and more…!”
We can’t take our eyes off from this 15 years old girl who will be the symbol of next chapter of AKB48….!!

News Flash!! Jurina made her first appearance at team K’s stage

Minami Minegishi on G+

“We finished with our Reset stage!! Jurina was completely being a member of team K!!
Welcome to team K, Jurina!

Miichan Thank you~~~~~!!

Even this short words touches our hearts…..
Original members’ words are that significant…..

Her words is simple, but I am really impressed….

Yui Yokoyama on G+

“We finished with the stage!
I will learn a lot from Jurina-san~~~~o(^▽^)o “

Tough she is senior to Jurina, she is so humble~~~!!
Please be on a friendly terms with Jurina~~~~!!

Because Jurina is special for Yuihan. She failed to pass the audition for SKE48‘s 2gen.
After the dance part of the audition, when participants were having lunch,
Jurina showed herself to encourage them.
Her face when she was told she couldn’t pass the audition….
As Mr. Yuasa was speaking to participants “Please don’t discouraged and challenge again!”,
Yuihan was looking straight honorably… I can’t forget her face at that moment….
Yui!! I’m always all for you!! Please create new team K together with Jurina!!

I was watching this performance from TV monitor in the lobby (of AKB theater).
Jurina!! Congratulation for your team K’s debut!!!
When overtune finished, and Reset stage started, I had goosebumps as you were standing in the center of the stage!!!!!! Everyone around me was so excited as they were raising huge chants!!!
I was gonna leave during the last MC, but I ended up watching until the very end where Jurina waived her hands to fans as she was leaving the stage….
How could I leave before the show ends when there’s Jurina??
Jurina was so amazing….

This is gonna be the great change in AKB48.
Fans who watched this stage in person were too awesome!!
They were watching the moment when “Chemistry” happens!!!

Tanamin on G+

“Team K welcomed a fresh wind!!
I fell in love with Jurina!!

Tanamin posted a comment on Jurina~~~~!!!!!!

OMG Tanamin~~~~!! Thank you so much!!!!
Since I’ve never seen her referring to Jurina, this makes me so happy!!

Encore was “Jurina!” call!!!!! We shouted with full power!!
We high-touched at the end of the stage….. though I couldn’t say anything… she gave me a face like (o^∀^o). She said “Thanks for coming…!!” to me …
Though I went to tons of Shake-Hands event just to meet her, this was the first time I went to the theater performance.
I handed my letter for Jurina to a staff of the theater.
Probably I can’t sleep tonight….

Tomochin on her blog
“Today, we were on the stage of AKB theater!
It was Jurina’s Shonichi.
Jurina is really a hard working girl !!
She was practicing for a long hours last night.
And…. Tomo is already sleepy as we finished the stage….


I love her always live at her own pace!!

Who can’t be happy when praised by Tomochin? Yes, no one…!

Her last sentence is just so cute that suddenly I’m playing music box in my head…

Yuko on G+
“I heard Jurina joined the stage today~~~~~
I want to stand on the stage with Jurina~~~!!”

Yuko-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! Thank yoooooooooooooou!!

I can’t wait to see Yuko and Jurina performing together!!!

So Oshiri sisters  is welcoming new members… lol (the unofficial subunit of AKB48 which is formed in 2010 by Mayuyu and Yuko-chan)

So Jurina will go with the name Shirina in Oshiri-sisters??

It’s too early for Jurina to join Oshiri-sisters!! Her butt is still too small!!
She need to be like Mayuyu who has stunningly glamorous butt….
So…. Jurina!! Eat a lot and grow your butt!! lol

Sakiko Matsui on G+


How this is gonna look like??

Jurina has come to team K…..(゜∀゜)!!!!!
Ayaka Umeda on G+
“We finished with the stage…. welcome Jurina (^^)
Tomomi Nakatsuka on her blog
“Today”s stage!!!
SKE48’s Jurina Matsui-chan!!
Her Shonichi at team K!!
Jurina-chan was so nervous before the show….
And when we finished with the show and returned to the backroom….
Maybe she was touched by everyone’s warm welcom…. she was so relieved that she was shedding tears…..
As our teammate of team K, I’m so happy that fans welcomed her so warmly….
I guess that it took a lot of nerve and made her uneasy to make this first appearance at team K’s stage…..
But she was so beautiful, performing at the stage as if she was feeling no fear.
Her stage performance refreshed my mind!!
Like….. I was also performing my second time Shonichi!!
I love team K so much!!
I love this team!!”
Reinyan on her blog
Jurina Matsui on G+
“With “Shishou (Maestro)”♪♪♪ 
We have W-Matsui in Tokyo, too——(^-^)/”
Sayaka Akimoto on twitter
“Jurina!! Rest was her first stage!! Her new start!! Twin (tower) and Jurina!!”

Jurina Matsui on G+

“Today….. I was on the stage of team K for the first time (^-^)/

It was so fun☆

I will write more on my blog!!
Thank you for all cheering for me(^o^)/ “

Sae on G+

“Today at our “RESET” performance, Jurina joined Team K!! We are now finally standing at the start line!! Thank you Jurina!! Everyone, may we please have a big round of applause for Jurina!!”

Sae on her blog
“We had a surprise today!!!
Though she had been sick recently… she really did an amazing work…. ( ノД`)
Before she joins team K, she used to say “I like team K~.” “I want to perform with team K~~”, so I’m surprised that today, we are actually on the same stage and her wish has become true.
Today, 1st June 2012,
We once again had the day that will be the history of AKB48.
I want to Jurina feel at home in teamK, and I think it’s great if fans can feel different Jurina from her in SKE48(*⌒▽⌒*)
And I am always preparing the setting that she can rely on when it’s necessary.

To SKE and Jurina’s fans… Please take care of her more than beforem(__)m
And…. please looking forward to seeing ☆Jurina☆, getting used to team K and freely express her talent.

Sae-chan is a really kind girl, too (=she is just being handsome)….

Sae-chan is too handsome…!

Triple tower!!!!!!

Handsome triple sisters!!!!!

Jurina is being so child like as she is with big sisters who love her so much!!
It’s just too cute…!!

Team K girls are all nice people…!

Team K is such a wonderful team.. I’m so touched with her ameba blog post….!!

Jurina Matsui
“Today, all fans and members welcomed me warmly…. thank you so much!!
I still have a lot to be improved!!
I wan to be able to say “Perfect” proudly soon☆
I’m looking forward to next Stage♡
Thank you for your continued to support!! And please support me as a member of team K as well!!
It was sooo fun!!!!”
Mayumi Uchida
Today we are with Jurina-chan~~♡
She is such a hard-working and fantastic girl♡
I enjoyed today’s stage so much♡”
Ayaka Umeda
“Jurina. Welcome to team K.
When the stage was finished, tears were falling from her eyes.
Those beautiful tears were something that only people who face their life seriously can have.”
Sayaka Akimoto
“I think today was the day we could “Reset” with new member.
To make this start one of the wonderful moment of AKB48’s history,
I hope that fans and members cooperate together to walk ahead…
I guess Yuko is on her way to her dream, too….
Hey Yuko… Jurina, team K and I are also forging our way forward….”
Miku Tanabe
“The first day of June(*><*)
Fresh wind blew into team K \(^o^)/
Welcome to team K, Jurina!! (^_^)☆
I was having goosebumps!!!
The whole stage was felt like finished in a flash!!
I hope that she doesn’t feel pushed, doesn’t push herself to the limit,
just naturally becomes a member of team K,
as she is a member of team S as well. 
…..But we are already teammates, aren’t we?
I had a very fun time!!”
Tomomi Itano
“Today, we were on the stage of AKB theater!
It was Jurina’s Shonichi.
Jurina is really a hard working girl !!
She was practicing for a long hours last night.
Team K was shining more brilliantly than usual!!!”
Tomomi Nakatsuka
Moeno Nifuji
Sakiko Matsui
“Good evening(・U・) Today, Jurina-chan came to team K’s stage♡ (・p・) Yayyyy☆
I’ve been doing this Reset stage for over 2 years, but somehow,
I felt like this was my second Shonichi….
I got so nervous before the show~~!!
But I had so much fun, too (・~・*)
I am grateful to fans who sent exciting cheers and made the mood so exciting~~♡
Thank you (*’-‘*)thank you.
I’m looking forward to next stage~~~
Jurina-chan!! Get going together!!! (waiving flag) I love love love you!
Everyone~~~!! Thank you for your continued support for team K!!”
Reina Fujie
“Jurina came to today’s stage (‘・ω・)♡ Yaaaay!!
New team K… how do you think??”
Minami Minegishi
“Jurina, congratulation☆
Jurina is not a kind of person who easily feel scared with things,
but she was having teary eyes after the show… CUTE…
I also want to learn what I should learn from her!!!!”
Erena Saeed Yokota
“Today, I had an opportunity to perform the Reset stage with Jurina Matsui-san!
We formed the unit with Sae Miyazawa-san!! I got so tense!!
But I found a lot to learn from her….. it really helped me improve my skill!!
I will practice a lot to be able to perform perfectly like these two members!
Jurina-san’s dance was stunning♡”
Saki Kitazawa
Sae Miyazawa
Ryoka Oshima
Yui Yokoyama
“Today, Jurina Matsui-san joined team K’s Reset stage for the first time!!
I want to get influenced by her “Powerful! Cheerful! Youth!”!!!!!
It was like the stage finished in a flash(*’σ‘*)
I also could talk to Ryoka-chan, Saki-chan and Erena-chan a lot♡”
Haruka Shimazaki on G+
“We finished with the filming!!
Kanon-chan? Kanon-chan?

I love you♪ I love you♪ Kawaii♪ Kawaii♪ “

Yui Yokoyama “What about Yui-chan~~~~!! lol”
Mai Imade “What about me~~~!! lol”
Kanon Kimoto “I love you, Paruru-san♪, We are loving each other (/∀\*), aren’t you? “

What wrong with these fairies!?!?
Paruru does love cute Loli girls lol

Paruru’s preference goes for girls with small faces and Loli mood!

Maybe she is tingling with excitement as she herself is idol Ota…
(She loves idols and has been emulating choreo of idols’ songs before join AKB48. She also loved watching AKB48, but since there is a copy, which says “Emergency!!” on brochure for AKB’s audition, she applied to the audition for 9gen of AKB48. “My reason to apply to the audition is AKB is that I just thought I can see idols in person. (skip) While other members growing fast, I felt only me was left far behind. People didn’t sense my guts, I couldn’t find my dream…. I was so disappointed with myself…. and I’d come to think “I want to leave this group…””)

Paruru’s history as Lolicon.
Fresh Lemon, Rena Katoh, Juri Takahashi, Kanon Kimoto, Airi taniguchi and……. Shiori Kogiso (who has Loli face)

They never fail to be Kawaiii!!!

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