Mayuyu to release 2nd solo single ‘Otona Jerry Beans’ on 25th July

  June 19, 2012

From Natalie, Mainichi and Mynavi

Watanabe Mayu from AKB48 / Watariroka Hashiritai7 to release her 2nd solo single “Otona Jerry Beans” on 25th July, it’s announced.

Her last and debut single “Syncro Tokimeki” won the 2nd place of Oricon Weekly chart for it’s first week, and has sold about 200K sales as of today.
Themed on “Otona Kawaii (Matsured Kawaii)”, she tried visuals to show her adult image in this upcoming single. 

In the photographing session for album artwork was carried in the early June, she co-starred with a rabbit, her favorite animal she publicly declared.
At first, she was a little scared to hesitated to hold the rabbit, but gradually she get used to it, as she was holding and talking to the rabbit whole time during the breaks in between the filming.

About the title track of the single, Mayuyu left a comment to us, “This new track is again very very cute song!! Together with it’s lyric, it has my favorite taste!!”

The recording session of the single just finished a week ago at a studio in Tokyo. Staffs joined the session felt her mental growth is astounding, saying “I felt she’s got a mental leeway compared to her solo debut single. Now she is willingly talk about how she wants to do it, like how she wants to sing certain parts.”

Increasing solo activities triggered her astounding growth we’ve seen in recent months. In solo work, unlike group work as AKB48, she doesn’t have other members to count on. That’s why she’s diligently prepared singing performance etc. during very limited spare time in between her work.

*First edition has 3 different versions, and each of them contains CD and DVD (with different bonus visuals respectively). One of total 5 trading cards of different visuals is also contained in a record as “first edition bonus”, as well as “premium lottery ticket”.  (Details of main bonus for Mayuyu’s 2nd single has yet been announced, so we just watch out for it!)

Comment from Mayu-san

“This new track is again very very cute song!! Together with it’s lyric, it has my favorite taste!! I like the word “Jerry beans”, too.
As for the album artwork, because last time I went for the totally idol-like image, this time I tried to project natural and matured feeling.
I don’t often have this style, softly curl my hair, so it was a fresh experience and I enjoyed it. 

(Earliest) reactions of fans

Oh come on, Mayuyu-Ota’s wallets are totally empty~~~~!!!

My summer bonus salary…….

It’s gonna severely drop the sales, I guess…..

I hope it’s tied up with a movie or commercial Mayuyu stars in.

I hope she will hold her own unique memorial events for this single as she did for Syncro Tokimeki.

Ai, Texas started warming up 
(Yamashita Tomohisa’s last single won the Oricon weekly ranking over Mayuyu’s debut solo single.)

LOL Yama-P again release on the same day!?!?

I think Exile will release their single this week, but probably soon will release the next single on 25th July.
You know, Exile is a tougher opponent than Yama-P….

Certainly, Exile is tough, but Mayuyu is believing in us.

Anyway, for the time being, let’s just look how Maeda-san’s single will do.
Almost all her song are tied up with something. Besides the theater version has no limit

(because you don’t have to win the lottery to buy the theater version, but you just get a photo when you lost the lottery for live concert DVD.)

So, to some extent, it will be a reference to forecast how Mayuyu’s 2nd will do.

I guess Acchan’s single will be sold really well.

The songs are nice, and it’s her last single as AKB48. Besides, that movie will surely be a big hit.
Though I’m Mayuyu-Oshi, I bought 4 copies of the theater version of Acchan’s 2nd and one copy for each of type A,B,C, just because I want to see Acchan’s live concert….

Anyway, for SonyMayuyu is a very precious talent as she can sell around 200K copies as a solo artist, while it seems like Nogizaka costs too much to maintain the group…. lol
Solo, Warota, Seiyu Senbatsu, AKB48…. she is literary pushing herself to the limit…. 
This year’s her schedule is actually ridiculous….
But still she go to watch Takarazuka musical, and that well explains how her nature is basically Ota.
And the professional girl, Mayuyu, calmly carries on her work without ever making us realize how hard she works…..

“Your debut single was 2nd on Oricon weekly chart. What do you aim for with this new single?”

“Of course, I want to win No.1.”