Milky Never Shaken By Parody made by Schiichan and Amina

  June 9, 2012

And Ohya, Mocchi and Amina’s ANN started airing…

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They are talking about ChapuChapu from the beginning!?!?

As we expected…

LOL it’s annoying lol

Asuka Kuramochi on G+

Do you know that our ANN started???

Are you listening our show???(๑• . •๑)♡

ANN “Milky is doing awesome flirting !!!!!”

Miyuki Watanabe on G+

I feel so refreshed lol

I need to do skin care and go to bed early(´・ω・`)

I’m often said that I’m slow in doing anything(゚´Д`゚)゚。

I’m Sorry…

So she didn’t talk about their parody…. lol


I sent my email to ANNR( `д´) ♥
Though I’m not sure they will notice my mail….(´・ω・`)

(ANNR is a weekly radio program broadcast by the same company of ANN and usually hosted by SKE or NMB)
Maybe because she only joined ANNR’s recording, she accidentally wrote R.
But because she is in team B, she can join ANN~.

HEY COME ON Milky noticed “ChapuChapu Festival”!!!


Everyone, ChapuChapu is not a word that suggests sexual meaningヽ(´ー`)ノBut just a normal word which means “I’m taking a bath.”(*´ω`)

LOL I know…
We know what you mean, and we are talking about that Schiichan and Amina used your word in a wrong way lol


So everyone! You can use this word ChapuChapu~~~~!(*´∀`)

Please use it in a cute way~~~♪~(´ε` )


Thank you for great ANN show ( ・`ω・´)♥
And everyone, please enjoy the show!( ゚∀゚ )
Good night☆

LOL It’s scary~. Maybe she ended up holding grudge with their Parodies??
I feel a bit sorry for Milky….

Maybe being over-cute is made fun by girls.
But she is being over-cute without showing any sign of hesitation, and come to the point that people have accepted it as her unique character….
I’m once again convinced that she really must have a strong will.
Among all 250 members, she is the only girl behaving like this.
But Milky also sometimes impersonate Nana’s angry gesture. lol
As a fan who have so much expectation for “AKB48 girls” in Nextgirls, I’ve already had a fear for BBQ and NnnnnnnManatsuuuUUUUU (and her fans). lol

Ryuta Takeda (staff for Ariyoshi Kyouwakoku)

Finally I took a peek at Miyuki Watanabe-san’s G+!!!
(my impression is)……Please guest our show….

“So am I being flirted???”
“Thank you “”ChapuChapu”… I will wait for the day will come when I can say “ChapuChapu”….” (<- he is in a trance....)

LOL If she will play a role of a school nurse (which previously played by Mocchi), then I will laugh so hard lol
Source (audio file in Japanese )