Paruru Had ‘Mother of Ultraman’-like Hairstyle in the Past (and 3 other stories about Acchan’s new solo song, Natsuki Satoh and Nana Yamada)

  June 3, 2012

Paruru had a weird Hairstyle in the past

Since previous series was so popular, I present you second series!!
In some sense, these photos stunned people when it’s first introduced on 2channel… (but that’s why I share them with you now!)

LOL it doesn’t suit her at all…

Who in the world can nail this hairstyle!?!? lol

Is this her won way to pay Homage to the mother of ultraman!?!?
At that time…. i was thinking like “what is this mother of ultraman doing in AKB48!?”… lol
IMO the only member who we can allow to have this hairstyle is Lemon….
I thought she is a relative of Satya Saibaba…..
Maybe that’s why she ranked down to “out of ranking” last year.
Wait… if this is her present hairstyle, then…. guys… I’m sorry for my rude remark…

I think I was on other members’ fan thread when Paruru had this hairstyle.

If I can say positive words for her, it’s gonna be like – Because there was a period when she had this peculiar hairstyle, Paruru with present cute hairstyle looks all the more attractive! – So don’t misunderstand me, I’m not anti!!
Honestly… I didn’t like this hairstyle of her….
But I still voted for her last year….

Finally member’s schedule for Hiruobi settled like this

Casts for our weather forecast segment from 4-8th June will be as follows.

Mon: Shizuka Ohya
Tue: Natsuki  Satoh
Wed: TBS’s announcer
Thu: TBS’s announcer
Fri: Natsuki Satoh
Note: Wednesday is the election (vote counting) day.

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That’s a good move of TBS!!! This is a choice that nobody will be hurt.
Don’t sandwich the election day with N!!(atsuki Satoh)
So this is what happens when Ohsawa use the full potential of his power?

Note: Osawa is the executive of Watanabe Production who takes care of AKB48 members belong to the production. 

Members who belong to NabePro (nickname of the production) are French Kiss members, Yuki Kashiwagi, Aki Takajo, and Asuka Kuramochi, and other 2 members, Natsuki Satoh and Shizuka Ohya.
Since Osawa is famous for being kind for members under his production, people may be thinking this arrangement is his own way to show his support and care to members.
Where have French Kiss members gone… lol
I see the essence of Japanese culture (:avoiding conflict) in this schedule….lol
So, this is the human side of the corporation TBS…??

Nana Yamada in the “shocking pose”

What is this “position”??? lol
Oh come on how come they let “idol” do things like this!?!?
Where is the left hand of the person who are lifting her from underneath????
It’s inappropriate!!! lol
I watched the program so I know how she ended up like this.. but even so, looking at this photo alone still stirs up my imagination…. lol

“Tatami”, Coupling to Acchan’s upcoming single “Kimiha Bokuda”

Wow wow wow~~~~~ it’s finally dropped!!
Thank you soooooooo much!!!
I gotta listen to this song again and again!!
What a beautiful song.!! It’s a good match for upcoming summer season…. 
What a nice medium tempo song…!!!
This sounds like a good companion for night….
It seems this is not an easy song to sing.
The part where Acchan sings in high-pitched voice gives me goosebumps….
I’m a bit surprised that the lyric is a bit explicit…
Anyway, I love Acchan’s voice~~~

 Somehow, all songs in Acchan’s next single are nice songs…!!

It seems she changed her manner of singing.
I prefer her previous style since it was cute,
Maybe it’s a consequence of counseling to professional voice trainers so that she won’t hurt her throat and allows her to sing live vocal.
Yeah she changed her singing style.
It’s like she is not an “cute” idol anymore and start her career as a “singer”.

Here are the lyric!!



(I put sugar into cold barley tea and stirred it,
but it won’t dissolve much)

Thank you to write down the lyric~~~!!!
I love this song!!!
But the only thing I want to point out is…. it’s natural that if you put sugar into cold barley tea, it won’t dissolve~~~!! lol