Sassy Falling/Diving Into Burning Water Bath In TV Show MechaMecha Iketeru

  June 2, 2012
Sassy falling into Burningly Hot Water Bath lol

Sassy━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!

LOL This timing….!! This is hell funny!!!

I could see it (panty)!!

LOL I laughed like crazy…..

LOL She is kinda sexy….
It looks like she already knew the script…
Sassy, Kawaii~~~~!!
So, they cut off the scene she got in the backseat of the car???
Come on…. she was almost hurting her neck….
Then again…. she proved that she is really flat chested…. lol
LOL They treated her so rough…
She is at least an idol, isn’t it???
After all, Sashiko could leave the strong impression to audiences with this funny scene!!

Sashiko… Good job!!

I guess, if this were Paruru, then she would die in hot water….

Paruru “? It’s not that hot…” (<-because staffs did her a favor)
Sashiko “Damn!! Shimazaki~~~~!!!!”
They should have chosen Sashihara as a new regular member of this TV program (MechaMecha Iketeru is one of the most popular golden time TV show in Japan).
I want to add this image to conclude her hot bath challenge!!
I’m really sorry for making a mess…

Comedian Takashi Okamura’s forecast for AKB48 4th General Election

1. Minami Takahashi
2. Yuko Oshima
3. Yuki Kashiwagi
4. Mariko Shinoda
5. Mayu Watanabe
6. Tomomi Itano
7. Haruna Kojima
What a normal forecast lol
This looks like a forecast for AKB48 “1st” election lol
I think rumor of Acchan’s Ota’s votes would go to Takamina would be totally off….

He knows AKB48 really well..!

Actually this is a sharp analysis…!!
Despite our expectation, his forecast makes sense!!!

It looks like he watched AKB related new too much lol

Okamura: “I’m only reading the script” (<- fan's imagination lol)

↓So Yuko Ota get…
I think this is a really solid forecast!!
Actually he does like AKB48???
↓So AkiP says….
Okamura does care about Ota’s reaction…. 
LOL Sashiko is really favored by comedians!!
Rino Sashihara failed to be one of 神7″
“She is a kind of person who Tamori-san hates so much.”
“She will place 22th this yaer”
LOL Is she a type of person who Tamori-san hates??? (She is co-starring  popular afternoon TV show Waratte Iitomo hosted by Tamori)
Sashiko good job!! Get more involved in funny conversations!!
22th lol
It looks like this program was filmed before the early result~
Why doesn’t Paruru speak anything???
Because she is Ponkotsu….
While Sassy once again proved her potential to be a variety TV show star, Paruru was making ultra adorable glaring face during the show

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from AKB48 専用実況板