Team 4 got caught in Blackout in Shikansen on their way back home from Niigata (and 4 other stories on SKE girls, Micha’s new photo collage and Kojiharu)

  June 20, 2012

Hetare T-Shirt sent to Kojiharu’s backroom

Kojima Haruna 9PM 6/19

Oh, this is sent here in backroom !! So it means . . . LOL . Please look forward to it . (ゝ。∂)

Hetare!!!! Is it real!?

So she succeeded Hetare from Sashiko!?!?

Has Kojima finally joined Sashihara sect….?

I think it’s better to say Kojima will play a role of Hetare instead of Sashihara…..

Does this mean we will be able to see Kojiharu PRIDE!?!?!?

(PRIDE Fighting Championships (PRIDE or Pride FC) was the biggest mixed martial arts(MMA) organization in the world. Its inaugural event was held at the Tokyo Dome on October 11, 1997. Pride held more than sixty mixed martial arts events. As one of the most popular MMA organizations in the world during its ten years of operation, Pride broadcast to about 40 countries worldwide. Pride also held the largest live MMA event audience record of over 70,000 people at the Pride and K-1 co-production,Shockwave/Dynamite, held in August 2002, as well as the audience record of over 67,450 people at the PRIDE Final Conflict 2003.)

Team 4 caught in Blackout during Shinkansen ride

Togasaki Tomonobu 20:18 6/20

Everyone is having a healthy sweat . I think the members will have grown up further when this tour is about to end.
Well then , it’s time to head back home now.

Togasaki Tomonobu 22:52
I kind of didn’t know Shinkansen will have blackout.
It’s a rare experience…
Because children has started making a fuss, I said “Take a nap!”, but it looks like they don’t start sleeping at all….

Tano Yuka “Wha!!!”
Tano Yuka “It’s gone blackout!! It’s scary!!”
Tano Yuka “I hate darkness, anyway!!! Please lights turn on!!”
Tano Yuka “And this silence is so scary as well.”
Tano Yuka “I wanna go back home(´・ω・`) I hate this!! I wanna come back home~~(´・ω・`)
Tano Yuka “Karenε≡≡ヘ( ´Д`)ノ Karen looks so poised for her age (just turned 14 one month ago)…..

You know what? Karen has already experienced real tragedy…….  Blackout was all per for the course during refuge life….

But….. they go back immediately after they wrapped up the show!? Without having “job-well-done” party there with local specialties??  I feel sorry for them,… though I guess it must be financially impossible…

Togasaki Tomonobu 23:49

Takeuchi is studying for exam? Nice!! You’re diligent!!

Analysis team~~!! What subject is she studying??

It looks like “world history”.

The legend of hard studying girl Takeuchi Miyu

Suzuran “She is always studying.”
She studies during breaks between Akusyukai.
She is studying before the show starts. (in a backroom)
She studies when they are on the road during tour concerts.

Micha made a photo collage for team 4

Nonaka Misato

Good job in Niigata!!! Now take a break!! (^^)

Takashima Yurina  “I’m amazed by Nonaka-san’s amazing visual taste!!”
Ohba Mina “Micha-san!! Thank you so much!!ヾ(´∀`)ノ”
Abe Maria “Wa~~” Thank you so much as always(^o^)
Shimada Haruka “Thank you so much!!”
Nagao Mariya “Micha-saaaaWWWwwaaaaannnnnnNNN!!!”

It’s come~~~~!!

Photo collage maker Micha!!

Micha!!! You made it at such nice timing!!
And the quality of this is amazing!!

These faces are like current main members of AKB48 when we talk about Gugutasu(G+)!!

Someone “Why Yagi-san and Suzuran are next to each other? I feel it wrong.” (in Kyoto-dialect)

Someone “It’s not true!! It’s absolutely not true!! Yagi-san and Suzuran should never ever be next to each other!!” (in Kyoto -dialect)

Shinoda-san Good Jobーー (in a monotone voice)
(Shinoda tweeted Micha’s photo collage for team A without mentioning it was made by Micha, causing misunderstanding among her twitter followers that they wrongly thought it’s made by Shinoda.)

Kurata Mayumi analyzes how 3 of SKE members likely get hooked with “bad guys”

About Takayanagi Akane: Akane-chan is very diligent girl. I should say she is “stubbornly” deligent. At a first glance, she looks like very bold but I guess she is actually very careful of things. Say… from work to relationship, she would keep everything inside herself to the point where she can’t move forward on her own. Girls like her tend to be afraid of adventurous spirit of guys. So it’s unlikely to happen that she will be hooked with bad guys, but on the other hand, she may have a tough time to find a right partner because of being to cautious.

About Mukaida Manatsu: She is a very shy girl. I guess she is poor at showing of her cuteness in public?? But that is also her charm, and where fans find very much “Moe”, i think. Girls like her may be also not good at expressing their true feelings to their boyfriends. And…boys who have girlfriends like this type of girl tend to cheat on them. So if boys go too far, you’d better to give him a hard slap!

About Yamada Reika: She has an aura of “model student”. And actually I guess she is academically smart. She may be able to do anything even things which are normally supposed to be done by men. So I feel that kind of strength from her. Girls like her tend to make boys have wrong idea that his boyfriend would forgive any misconducts of him. So girls like you may contribute to create bad guys by spoiling them. So when you get older, I recommend you to sometimes try/pretend depending on your boyfriend.

We will never ever be deceived by bad guys!!!

“Like this line of sword, I love you with all my heart! Let’s go for the battle!!! Haha I’m joking! So please protect me even if we are together living in the Sengoku period!!!”

Ohya Masana on her blog

I joined the photographing session for Tokai Walker-san.
It was for the series, which is themed on “dating with me”, I run in the magazine.