This BBA called Urano Kazumi aka Cindy

  June 24, 2012

I think this BBA (Babaa: derogatory word for older women) is Kawaii.


Wait…? What’s wrong with my eyes….???
She looks cute lol

Urano Kazumi on G+ 15:04

Is there anybody who will make a photobook of me~~~~~~lol???

Her edge and amusingness is that she can make this kind of post.

“From today You are Cindy Oshi, Former Team B~~~♪”

She is top-class among BBA.

Wait, she is top-class even when she is among teen girls.

LOL I would rather want to see her come back AKB48 as a captain of team 8.

She is younger than Ayase Haruka….


LOL So after all, you guys actually like Urano Kazumi….

LOL She is laughably cute….

Actually I even think she can come back to team A.

If only her Oppai are not disappointing….
I want her to be my wife….
LOL I thought this was Anti Cindy thread…..
I think working together with young girls help her rejuvenate herself. 
There sure is one disappointing thing… Her name sounds out of date…..
Urano Cindy Kazumi….
Uhmmm it sounds like phony fortune-teller…..
Whenever I saw comments which say “Urano or Shinoda are BBA.”, I feel I myself is already an old man as I’m as old as them… It’s a little bit depressing lol

Back when Cindy and Noro-san appeared in the show, Nemousu/Kami TV was interesting….

1. LOL 26 years old new member for Warota???? AkiP finally goes insane!!!
2. Wait…. unlike what I expected, she doesn’t look wrong with other Warota members…..
3. Cindy Kawaiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- Now I'm at this point.

I have a huge expectation on how high Tengoku Yarou will rank in this year’s Request Hour.
Back then, middle-schoolers Harugon and Lovetan made Cindy cry.
Back when Cindy was at team A, she was so strict to Shinoda and Maeda when they couldn’t dance correctly, and ended up having made them cry.

When she was live commenting during this year’s election, she updated a new post before it was filled with maximum 500 comments, and someone commented criticizing her…. then it may be because she got annoyed by the comment, she commented “What the heck? I can’t make a new post until the older one is filled with 500 comments???”
I was really amazed by her lol
Urano-san preached to Shinoda in radio program…. she has such a handsome personality.

I think she is a good mentor to young members. She can work as a bridge between guests and members in TV shows and is good at making a friendly mood.
By the way, I’m a bit shocked with the fact the Shinoda-san is already 26 years old….
I couldn’t imagine Cindy was as old as Shinoda-san…. I thought she was over 30….
Anyway, sure she is cute.
Especially when she says she is believing that she is a reincarnation of Queen of French .
Actually I am impressed by her remarks such as “As long as I am a member of Warota, I aim at a center position!!!!” or “Though I’m not participating in the election, I consider the ranking of our new single as my ranking in the election.”
I think the reason she can make such media-friendly comments is because she’s got experience.

Yeah….. because she is a former captain of team B before Yukirin.
Is is too much to say that it’s Cindy who grew this years 2nd, 3rd and 4th members???
Yeah…. those are all “Old B” members…. But they are more like pupils of Nacchan than Cindy.
Cindy was a guardian of them.
In that sense too, we lost a precious talent….. No.26 Nacchan….. 
Where do you think would she rank if she participated in the election???

I think she could rank somewhere in Under Girls.

She is good at taking self portraits, she is a good writer…..  
It’s a blessing that we have Cindy on Gugutasu.

Matsumoto (A part of on of the most renowned comedian duo Down Town, host of the music TV show HeyHeyHey) said to Cindy, “You are still young enough.” and Hamada (the other part of Down Town)  knows she is a former member of SND48…..

If they promote KKS to regular members, they should promote former members of SDN as well.

Oh please, those geniuses on 2chanenl, make her the photobook…. lol
You know, she said she is so happy that she can join and work with Warota, so I think it’s alright to leave her as she is.
Though… I also hope she will make come-back to AKB48 in Reformation…..

I think it’s a good idea to let her join team 4….. How big chemistry they will have!! Or I should rather say it’s gonna be interesting!! lol
I want to see her preach to Paruru lol