Tomochin can ride a Unicycle!! (and 2 other stories on Tomochin and LinkinPark on Linkin Park)

  June 23, 2012

So Tomochin can ride a unicycle….

I think she practiced probably…… in Shibuya.

Itano△ (Itano-san Kakkei = Itano-san Kakkoii = Itano-san so cool)
I like Tomochin being able to do wide variety of things despite her looks!!

LOL She’s too cute!!

You know, it’s because Tomochin can dance.

And she is serious about anything!!

 And she is innocent!

Tomochin is so cute… She play dodge ball so seriously, and this cute expression when she rides a unicycle!!
Somehow she makes me feel like support her….

Tomochin’s this ingenuous-child-like smile makes my heart….

It’s so cute to see Tomochin dancing seriously

4:22~ Itano Tomomi vs Matsu (EXILE)

Itano’s dancing is based on Hip Hop???
Looking her dance in this way, it obvious her dance skill is standing out among them.

I’m gonna buy Kinect.

It just makes you feel empty unless you play it with girls….

SKE members reaction to Music Station…..

Furukawa Airi 20:42

Linkin Park-san appeared in Music Station!!


Linkin!! Linkin!!

Matsui Rena 20:47

In M-Sute!! In M-Sute!!

I got so high when I turned on TV!!

Ueno Kasumi 19:59

Well, now the time for Music Station…..

Let’s watch together….(๑♜д♜)
Linkin Park-san….★

Deguchi Aki 21:51

Linkin!! Linkin!!!

And SKE members had never mentioned Acchan who were in the same music TV show….

Meanwhile Yamamoto Sayaka-chan made me cry….. What a nice girl!!!
Yamamoto Sayaka 20:31
Maeda-san….. Kawaii….(´・_・`)

Nakagawa Haruka 20:02

MUSIC STATION is on TV right now !!
Acchan is going to appear on the show♪
And Shojo Jidai is appearing too !!

Is everyone watching too?

Iwasa Misaki 20:49

I like Mikiha Bokuda, too!!!!

It’s really a nice song!!! ゜▽゜
Umeda Ayano 20:53
I’m watching Music Station now,
I like Kimiha Bokuda.
I like the mood of the song!!
I want to get it’s CD~~~!!
Whenever I listen to the song, it soothe my heart.

Nakaya Sayaka 21:24

(Not only KimiBoku but) Nakaya likes Migikata, too.
I will play it next time in Nakayan TsushinΘωΘ*

Looks like AKB members didn’t mention Linkin-something.

Those SKE men’s comments are as awful as Nakamata who stated she will watch London Hearts when it airs Kayoukyoku at the same time period.

When they went to this extent, I can’t say anything anymore….
Maybe they can’t imagine how much pressure they feel when they made solo debut.

So…. have there been something bad between Maeda and SKE members??

Somehow I can understand the reason why AKB members care  about NMB members more than SKE members….

You know, Acchan like NMB’s top2 so much.

It’s natural to react to LinkinPark.

The number of tweet made from 8-9PM

Linkin 15,015 tweets
Shojo Jidai 8,737
Soshi 7,737
Youkame no Semi 964
Taguchi 2,969
Music Station 21,119
Kuwata 5,466
Linkin park 5,720
Yuna 1,726
Acchan 4,713

But did they really never mention Acchan?? How about after the show?
I think maybe they mention something about Acchan just as a sign of politeness.

Rena is personally acquainted with Acchan…. it’s unbelievable that she didn’t mention anything…

Several hours later…..

Matsui Rena 0:27

Kimiha Bokuda remains in my head……
I love it’s melody and the lyric “Komorebi no Mitsudo (density of sunshine filtering through foliage)”


So Linkin Park wasn’t comedian duo…..
I knew their name, but I had no idea what they are doing.

You mean like this?

“Hi, I’m Linkin.”
“Hi, I’m Park.”
“Together, we’re LinkinPark.”

Ueno mentioned Acchan in comment form.

Ueno Kasumi 20:26

Next is Maeda-san???

Good song….