What if Shukan Bunshun’s article (Alleged scandal of Rino Sashihara) turns out to be a fake story?

  June 14, 2012

Soredemo Sukidayo~ (I love you nonetheless: Sashiko’s debut single released in May 2012)

Usual pattern is, of course, that it will turn out to be false, but I mean what if it’s “true”??
You’ll be still liking her??

But because they wrote in even small details, it’s hard to assume it’s a total makeup…

But… Bunshu…. why they stick to AKB bashing so much?? What drives them to do this??
(One reason is because they differentiate themselves from other media source by focusing on covering topics which “TV and Newspaper don’t cover”, which makes them often jumping on the gun.)

For whatever reasons, given the current popularity of AKB, AKB bashing is the easiest way to get attention and it’s no brainer they want to make the most of it.
If you write an article slamming unpopular show-biz personality, nobody will read it.

Their target readers are not necessarily Anti, but many people jump to sex scandals even though they are not that interested in AKB.

This is actually well-written article for Bunshu, but because it lacks 2 shot photo, which is the most important evidence, it can be seen as an elaborate false story.

If their article on Sashihara turn out to be a fiction, all employees and executives of the company should be fired…

They’ve long been publishing more awful stories than this, so at this point, that is fairly unlikely to happen.

Industry’s No.1 publisher Bunshu’s influence is tremendous.
And the nature of the article is not something management can just ignore til it’s forgotten.
The tone of this article conveys their confidence about the credibility of the story, and it’s possible that they have extra stories on this.

So what make this alleged scandal serious are,
1. Those photos couldn’t be acquired unless they were in close relationship.
2. She had this relationship after she joined AKB48
3. The editor of Bunshu could contact Sashihara via the cell phone number left in Ex boyfriend’s cell phone.
4. Sashihara already told lie in Bunshu’s interview to her conducted on 11th June.

If only they put 2 shot photo on their article….
then it would be a total win of Bunshu!

Bunshu hasn’t yet revealed all of the stuffs they got.
They will continue updating on this topic for at least 3 months.
Unlike previous false stories, this time the person in question, Sashiko, (partly) admitted the fact.
Thanks to AKB, their sales figure will most likely fairly increase.

> In Mr.A’s cell phone, multiple of photos which they took when they were in relationship, including the one they kiss each other half hiding their faces.
So Bunshu also got this photo… lol

If they revealed 2 shot photo, then I would do DOGEZA!!!

Anyway, if it’s a false story, sooner or later management will deny it.
Though if so, what Bunshu will do is just to blame Mr.A on pretending to be her ex-boyfriend lol

LOL Bunshu is really getting serious on this.
If they really could call her for the interview, then we can dismiss the possibility that it was a total fabrication.

Yeah… because it means she implicitly admited that she knows him…..

Honestly I think this is false, but because I don’t want to be seen as Sashihara-Ota, and on the contrary I’m kind of Anti of Sashihara… I don’t say anything.

They wrote they interviewed to her on a phone, so of course they recorded the conversation, didn’t they?

LOL What a naive man…. How come people who make a living in this kind of industry “don’t” record the interview.

So did Mr.A leak this for money?

100% for money.
If he was dumped by Sashiko, then it might be out of jealous, but because he dumped her, money must be his reason.

And it’s no brainer, now is the best timing to sell this story at higher price.

Among all the members, they targeted on AkiP’s favorite Sashiko….
I guess AkiP will use all the connection he has to retaliate against them….

But if it’s a real story, why they didn’t put any of 2 shot photos???

They are waiting for the reaction from AKB.
If AKB side completely denies their story, they would use 2 shot photos to back their story up.

So they want to keep this story hot as long as possible so that they can make the most of this scandal???

Yeah… it’s gonna be a kind of installment, I guess.

When their articles come out with photos, chances are very high that they are true….
But….. both in Tomochin’s and Takamina’s cases, I fueled the sensation like this, ended up nothing happened further.

But Bunshu wrote a completely false article in Okaro’s alleged public assistance case, so we can’t say Bunshu always conducts some back research.
Especially for Sho-Biz related news, it seems they leave everything to individual writers..

I think if they have more scandalous photos, they will reveal them right after Sashihara and management take a stance of firm denial.
That said, if they don’t publish them at that timing, we can say their story is most probably false.

“Firm denial”? What are you talking about?
She answered “He is just a friend” and the writer continued, “If he is just your friend, why you sent your swimsuit photo or underwear photos??”

They didn’t say, “why you sent kiss photos?”
I think there are no further stories.

If this story is false, TGSK, if not Sashko herself, should have given some comment regarding this already.

But…. what struck me is the fact that all mainstream media completely ignore Bunshu’s story….

Unless it’s came to the point where Sashiko is fired, mainstream media won’t react to mere one article of a gossip magazine….

Gossip magazine usually don’t take necessary time for back research, and often publish their articles without solid evidence.
But established company like BungeiShunju (the publisher of Bunshu) won’t dare to write this kind of article without any evidence.
They have a very determined attitude toward their job, which can be described like this – “If you insist our story is a groundless gossip, then file a lawsuit against us” 

When it comes to Bunshu, they often dare to write stories like this without any single evidence.
They have a history of “writing false stories, admitting their faults and putting apologizing articles”
I think you need to do your own research before being manipulated by them.